The Outdoor Furniture Trends

Living room with outdoor terrace in house

2023 offers an abundance of exciting outdoor furniture trends to consider when upgrading your patio set. From luxurious interior brands bringing their looks outdoors, to eco-friendly materials – these outdoor trends provide something for everyone.

Blues and Pinks

Homeowners increasingly view their patios, porches and balconies as extensions of interior living spaces; luxury interior brand’s styles are making the transition outdoors.

2023’s outdoor furniture trends feature rounded silhouettes with natural touches for maximum appeal – these designs include modular seating arrangements to mixed materials in order to add flair and functionality to outdoor living areas.

Resort design trends that first made an appearance last summer continue to make a splash this year, as designers draw inspiration from beach resorts to craft luxurious outdoor rooms that emulate them.

Look for long dining tables, pergolas and natural materials mixed with wrought iron accents for a California retreat feel; floral-draped pergolas, rustic mosaic tiles and bold pops of color recalling Caribbean resorts can also add character.

Earthy tones have quickly become one of the top trends for outdoor furniture this year, from chair frames and textural rugs to pillows and throws with Sage Green or Fernwood hues. These colors are neutral yet versatile enough to complement a range of color schemes in your backyard.

Neutral Colors and Natural Materials

With more homeowners viewing outdoor living rooms as extensions of interior living rooms, many want their design style consistent with that of the rest of their house. Color can help make an outdoor furniture set stand out; however, neutral colors such as white and gray tend to work just as well to let surrounding landscape and decor shine through.

According to this article, natural materials and organic accents continue to be popular trends, particularly wood. But other sustainable options, like bamboo, rattan and poly are becoming increasingly fashionable too.

Look out for furniture with natural finishes in buttery beige, crisp white or cool gray shades – low impact materials make a great backdrop for brightly-hued pillows or fun pattern rugs!

Stone is another natural element making an impression this year, making a statement in outdoor seating sets and gardens alike. Stone works well as both an accent piece and focal point; it can highlight plants, flowers or water features alike.

Neutral colors offer timeless style for any garden, creating a sense of serenity, wellness and health in guests who gather. When selecting these hues for dining areas or seating groups they create a relaxing space where people can gather.

Larger Dining and Seating Groups

Outdoor furniture in the patioAs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living spaces continue to blur, furniture companies have brought their latest interior trends outdoors. At North Carolina’s High Point Market this spring, designers introduced new styles that look just like their counterparts indoors–from rounded corners and woven materials, all the way down to updated classics with updated colors.

Large dining and seating groups are an emerging trend in outdoor furniture, helping you accommodate more guests around your table or lounging with friends. Armless chaise lounges can add comfort to poolside decks; rockers around a fire pit; extra-large or modular sectional sofas make entertaining easy and comfortable.

Gray hues make an ideal choice for creating an air of sophistication in modern settings, while natural browns bring in the organic elements needed for an earthier, organic atmosphere.

Many outdoor furniture fabric trends being seen from the top furniture brands now offer sustainably made pieces made of HDPE polymers used to produce plastic milk jugs. This creates sturdy and waterproof pieces made to withstand all four elements.

Multipurpose pieces such as stools and ottomans that serve multiple functions were particularly sought-after this season, such as coffee tables that also serve as sofa extensions. This made expanding and re configuring patio or garden space to meet different gatherings or activities easier than ever.

Bold and Bright Colors

Blue and purple have long been one of the top trends for outdoor furnishings this year, with deep indigo blue and bright aqua blue standing out as particularly popular choices. Both colors pair beautifully with other hues like earthy greens and vibrant yellows – adding an extra splash of color with floral or botanical patterns that recall nature for an appealing addition to any backyard space.

Another effective way of adding color is selecting a solid-color accent chair or accessory. This trend serves as a stylish replacement to traditional seat cushions and pillows that can easily be changed out for something fresh, drawing the eye away from any flaws in outdoor furniture.

If you prefer neutral furniture while still adding some interest to your space, try choosing light cocoa brown, taupe-is gray or dark green-gray as your base color and accenting with rich colors such as deep purple Blackberry, dusky coral or red clay accents for contrast. These warm hues complement natural materials like rattan, teak wood and other woven designs beautifully.

Resort-inspired designs have also proven popular this year for outdoor furniture, making poolside and back deck areas look like international getaways. This trend includes fringed umbrellas, cabana stripes and tropical prints with bright splashes of fruity color that bring the resort-feel.