Must have living room essentials


The living room is mostly the epicenter of all the activity, from casual chats to crashing on the sofa after a long day at work, from watching a favorite OTT show to binge eating- we practically spend a lot of time in the living room. So we better decorate it in style! More than giving it a trendy look, creating warmth is important.

If you are starting from scratch or thinking to give a makeover to your living room, you need to know the essential things that should be considered. Here is your complete checklist of must-have living room essentials that can help you to design or revamp your living room.

Sofa – Being one of the biggest pieces of furniture, a sofa should always look luxuriously rich and provide comfortable seating. The layout is the key to make the room work well so decide on the size and position of your sofa so that it aids in having a hearty conversation sitting face-to-face. From fabric to leather and velvet, L shaped sofa could be the right choice for a modern living room, and if you want to go classic, opt for a sofa set wooden.

Coffee table – Your coffee table can be as unique as your personality. Choose a glass or acrylic coffee table if you desire a transparent look. As an influential piece of furniture, it can help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

Media stand – Select a media console that blends well with the vibe of the living room to create a perfect entertainment center. You can frame your TV and home theater system and also decorate your media stand with books, accessories, and photos to make it look interesting.

Carpet – Treat your space to an impressive carpet that ties the whole room together. Choose the right fabric and design for your carpet so that it adds colour, texture, personality, and comfort to your space.

Curtains – Window treatments are essential to creating a well-dressed room. So, whisk some magic with beautiful curtains that go well with the room design.

Decorative items – A blank TV screen is not an interesting focal point for the room, blend in that TV space with wall art and other accessories that your guests will enjoy looking at. You can change the art and showpieces for special occasions and festivals to always keep your living room fresh and interesting.

Attractive lights – Create drama in your living room with one statement piece of lighting. Install various ambient and accent lighting to balance the brightness and warmth of the room.

Cushions – Unique and cheerful cushions with pops of color help in creating a welcoming ambiance and in balancing comfort with creativity. Swap them to change the room’s mood and style.

Since living rooms act as home’s centerpiece, put your heart and soul along with your creative minds to decorate it into a well-designed stylish living room. These living room essentials list will guide you to make the right choices to create a comfortable, elegant, and rich living room that has your personal touch.