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Do you want to collect information about a famous personality who is also a very successful YouTuber? If you are interested in knowing about this particular celebrity and the author and host of numerous YouTube videos, here are the details you should know about him.

I’ve covered everything there is to know about Simon Whistler, including his height, net worth, relationships, and bio, as well as his Programs (other YouTube channels), other facts about him, and audiobooks, as well as commonly asked questions. I hope you found this information on Simon Whistler to be helpful. Please read the post from beginning to end.

Short Profile of Simon Whistler

Name   Simon Whistler
Date of birth May 15, 1987
Age    35 years old
Height 6’5″
Weight       58kg
Profession YouTube personality
Nationality British
Relationship status Married
Net Worth $5 Million

Who is Simon Whistler?

Simon Whistler is a very successful English American YouTuber. By profession, he is a very popular YouTuber who runs almost eight successful YouTube channels. Every day, he shares much of his content on the YouTube platform regarding trip vlogs and exciting videos.

Simon Whistler Also takes the role of a host of the Visual Politik channel and is doing all of his responsibilities well. He is outstanding as a narrator. His narrating style can make someone fall in love with anyone—the reason behind his unique narrating style for his successful YouTube career.

When Simon was studying at University, he began his YouTube career. He received a master’s degree, but we do not know where he received or studied for the degree.

Simon Whistler with hair

We have never seen Simon with hair. He is completely bald. People are looking for whether Simon whistler with hair. But without hair, he still looks very handsome and charming man.

Simon Whistler Relationships:

Is Simon Whistler married or unmarried? There isn’t much information about Simon’s girlfriend because he prefers to keep his personal life private. Simon Whistler is dating a stunning woman whose identity has yet to be revealed.

According to rumors, Simon met her girlfriend while working in Sri Lanka. They fell in love and married, and Simon and his wife moved to the Czech Republic.

As a result, Simon could be married. We will officially confirm it as soon as possible and inform our readers of Simon’s marital status.

Simon Whistler Net Worth:

Simon Whistler Net Worth is estimated to be around $5 Million. The ad revenue and brand deals from his YouTube channel provide a steady income for the British digital nomad. His remuneration has yet to be determined.

Simon Whistler Wife

Simon married to his long-term girlfriend. But he did not disclose the name of his wife. Even he also has a daughter, and the name is still unknown. Simon whistler wife is increasing interest among the audience.

Simon Whistler programs (other youtube channels)

Popularity in the media Simon Whistler grew up in London’s south-east. He worked abroad for a year after finishing his university education (undergraduate business BA, postgraduate law diploma PGDL), where he met his future wife and eventually moved to her home country, the Czech Republic.

He started his first YouTube channel, collaboration with the popular website, when he was 28 years old, after working as a freelance voice-over artist and podcast host. From there, he collaborated with another website,, to launch another channel.

He owns and operates seven successful YouTube channels with millions of views and subscribers. Let’s take a look at the channels on his toy tube.

Business Blaze

It’s a business story, but it’s fascinating. Business Blaze is jam-packed with facts and information, but it’s presented in a much more relaxed manner. It examines the most egregious failures and instances when things went wrong and lesser-known successes.


A mega project is a channel dedicated to humanity’s most significant accomplishments, where he examines impressive buildings, projects, structures, and more. He covers everything from the world’s most impressive skyscrapers to the International Space Station and Chornobyl’s sarcophagus.

Today I Found Out

Today I found out is a daily channel where they post videos about a variety of exciting topics. There’s a lot to learn from why a rabbit’s foot is considered lucky to be the parasite that transforms into a usable tongue. Give your brain something to eat.


Simon’s first channel, TopTenz, has been running since 2015 and covers popular topics in a top 10 format. Lighthearted fun with a deeper meaning.


The lives of some of history’s most notable figures are examined in biographies. They cover everything from evil dictators to the most influential scientific minds. Every week, new videos are added.


Every video produced by National Geographic features one of the world’s most fascinating locations (from history and the present day). From the Pyramids to North Korea’s “Hotel of Doom,” we’ve covered everything. Every week, there are new videos to watch.

The BrainFood Show Podcast

On the Today I Found Out channel, Simon and his co-host Daven host a monthly show where they discuss a variety of interesting facts and trivia.

Other facts about the YouTube Star

Simon Whistler is arguably the same and must be safeguarded at all costs for decent films, football, basketball, and rap music.

Millions of people subscribe to the social media star’s various channels, which provide entertainment and education. He co-founded TopTenz, and Today I Found Out, and Biographics with Shell Harris, in addition to his personal YouTube channel.

What is Simon Whistler’s background?

As previously stated, Simon Whistler is a social media celebrity who rose to prominence thanks to his numerous YouTube channels, which have amassed millions of subscribers. He was born and raised in England on May 15, 1987. He now spends the majority of his time in the Czech Republic, where he mainly vlogs. He also travels the world for his videos.

As a child, he was enamored with the theatre and became involved in drama at school. In high school, he was awarded a scholarship for his passion for theatre. He did the same thing at university.

He began his journey to becoming a YouTube celebrity in February 2010 when he launched his most popular channel, TopTenz, which features videos of top ten lists covering both entertaining and educational topics., the website that runs alongside the channel, also covers the same issues. By the end of 2019, the channel had nearly 1.5 million subscribers and over half a billion total video views.

TopTenz is his first YouTube channel, but it is far from the most popular. He founded Today I Found Out in October 2011. The channel is both educational and entertaining, as it offers advice and facts on various topics. Despite having nearly 2 million subscribers, which is more than TopTenz, the channel has received fewer than 370 million views since its inception.

Simon Whistler started a third channel, Biographics, in 2017 after experiencing success with the first two. The channel’s goal is to create biographies of famous and interesting people. The channel has overgrown, with over 650 thousand subscribers and over 61 million total views.

In 2015, the YouTube sensation and entrepreneur launched his self-titled YouTube channel. By the end of 2019, the channel had amassed over 20,000 subscribers and nearly a million views. He uses the channel to upload and share his videos.


Simon Whistler, a pioneer in online edutainment, creates intelligent, entertaining content for curious people. His seven YouTube shows have over 50 million monthly views and a subscriber base of 7 million.


Simon Whistler has how many channels?

Simon co-hosts The BrainFood Show podcast with his friend Daven Hiskey. He hosts several YouTube channels, including TopTenzNet and TodayIFoundOut, where he uploads educational and entertaining videos ranging from top ten lists to historical facts.

Where is Simon Whistler-based?

Simon Whistler is a British artist born and raised in the country. He is currently based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Is Simon Whistler a college graduate?

Simon is a lawyer with a master’s degree, and his friend Daven Hiskey co-hosted The BrainFood Show, a podcast. Simon is known for being a great narrator. The amount of success he has achieved with his videos demonstrates this.

Is there a Simon Whistler podcast?

The host of the popular YouTube channels TodayIFoundOut, TopTenz, Biographics, and more have launched a new podcast.

What happened to Simon’s whistle?

Simon is fit and healthy. But many fans of his need clarification about whether he is alive. People get confused with another popular YouTuber who died in 2005 with the same name.

How many channels does Simon whistler have?

Today, Simon has 8 successful YouTube channels and is the host of all his channels. On the YouTube platform, he is among the most recognized faces with many channels.

What did Simon whistler do?

By profession, Simon is a successful American English YouTube.

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