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Peter Nelson is a famous personality because of her girlfriend Sofia, Peter Nelson is an American man, and everyone is confused if Peter Nelson is dating Sofia or not. Another important thing you need to know is Peter Nelson is the Vice President at HBO Sports. This post discussed Peter Nelson net worth, biography, age, and more important information about Peter Nelson HBO salary.

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About  Peter Nelson

Name: Peter Nelson

Age: 40 years old in 2021

Year of birth: 1981

Birthplace: Newton, Massachusetts

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Graduation: Harvard University.

Parents: No Information available

Physical appearance

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 81kgs

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

Peter Nelson’s hobbies, likes, and dislikes

Hobbies: Travelling, reading books, shopping, and watching movies.

Favorite actor: Brad Pitt

Favorite actress: Gal Gadot

Favorite holiday destination: New York City and Paris

Favorite food: Italian and Chinese

Peter Nelson: Biography

Peter Nelson is an American man who is known because he is dating Sofia. Peter Nelson is a career-oriented & very hardworking public figure who has graduated from Harvard University. Additionally, he studied ancient Greek and graduated as a magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts.

When Peter Nelson graduated, he started his career in Journalism. He is also a supporter of the American ballet theatre, and Peter Nelson is also involved in many humanitarian activities for the past two years.

Here we have also mentioned Peter Nelson’s age and more important information about his career and personal life.

How old is Peter Nelson?

Peter Nelson was born in the year 1981 in Newton, Massachusetts. Peter Nelson’s age is 40 years old. Nelson is a White American man.

Peter Nelson Career

As mentioned, Peter Nelson had worked in HBO in August 2011. Initially, he joined as Director of Programing, and after three years of hard work, he got promoted to the President of Programming. By the end of 2015, with more hard work and dedication, he became the Executive Vice President. And today, he works at HBO’s sports wing.

Many news portals state that the promotion was a surprise for many employees. It is also said that the President of HBO was very happy with Peter Nelson’s performance at HBO.

Peter Nelson in HBO Sports worked on various projects like Serena Williams and Hard Knock, The Shop Uninterrupted, and Real Sports. Apart from their HBO career, he also volunteered in other ventures:

In August 2015, He participated in the Harlem Educational Activities Fun Inc.

In September 2015, Peter Nelson joined the International Rescue Committee.

From February 2016 to February 2017 he volunteered at the Metropolitan Opera.

In September 2017, he was a part of the GenR Leadership Committee for disaster and humanitarian relief.

Peter Nelson Net Worth

Peter Nelson net worth is 2.5 million USD and his pay at HBO is $240,000. Now, do you know what is the reason for Peter Nelson’s net worth? Why does Peter Nelson charge so much? The answer to this is Popularity.

His popularity and work at HBO Sports also prove his worth, talent, skills, and knowledge.

When it comes to career, Peter has smartly invested in his career. Peter Nelson is a legend who believes that smart work pays more. Moreover, he has the skills to make the right decision at the right time.

Peter Nelson Relationship

Peter Nelson is in an open relationship with Sofia Franklyn. She works in the media industry and is a known podcaster, fashion influencer, famous radio host, and professional blogger.

According to the reports, she was born in Utah in the year 1992 and completed her graduation in Economics, and built her career in the finance industry.

Miss Sofia became popular overnight, and the reason behind this popularity is one of the podcasts that worked well and made her popular worldwide.

In 2021, her net worth is $1.5 million. In 2021, she turned 28 and started dating Peter Nelson in 2019.

One of the most famous podcasts where she called Peter Nelson “daddy” become popular globally. The best part is that the celebrities, netizens, and news journalists were so happy about this news.

This news made Peter Nelson and Sofia famous across the world overnight. At the same time, Peter Nelson gained more fan following because he was already associated with HBO sports.

Additionally, Sofia is a famous influencer and radio host. When both these famous names joined in the news, it went viral, giving them an instant career boost.

Peter Nelson Resignation from HBO Sports–

After being a part of HBO Sports for almost a decade, Nelson made a public announcement about his resignation when he got into a fight with Barstool president Dave Portnoy.

As Barstool started to negotiate a new deal for the popular “Call her daddy” podcast, Peter Nelson HBO intervened and started making demands for the new co-host and Peter Nelson HBO Sofia Franklyn. However, Sofia left the company while her co-host stayed.

Some more information about Peter Nelson you need to know

  • Unlike every other executive working in the sports industry, Peter Nelson is super fun to be with.
  • He ensures he is active on all social media platforms and engages with people regularly. He built a strong relationship with this audience and fans.
  • Peter Nelson net worth might not explain what a brilliant actor and human being he is. He acted as a commander in a Syfy movie. He is also a very famous public figure, an executive vice president in the HBO Sports wing, and a popular celebrity.
  • Peter Nelson is a family-oriented man and shares an amazing bond with his family. However, there is not much information available about his family on the internet. Moreover, none of them is active on the internet.
  • Peter Nelson also played the lead role in a TV show called V. After the show, he became more popular among his fans.
  • Peter Nelson and his girlfriend belong to the same industry. Despite the age gap of 11 years, they are still the cutest couple in the media industry and are adored by many people.
  • Did you know that his natural hair color is brown and suits him the most as a white guy?
  • The interviews by Peter Nelson explain that he is a very humble person who believes in humanity. He also believes that we receive what we do.


Peter Nelson is a famous star and works as the Executive Vice President at the HBO Sports wing. He is dating Sofia, who is an influencer, radio host, and famous blogger. Many fans admire this couple. Here in this post, we mentioned everything about Peter Nelson net worth, relationship, career, and personal information. To stay updated about his daily life and news about him, you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates.

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