Remarkable Features of The Best PDF Editor of 2023- UPDF


The use of paper is decreasing daily as the world progresses towards digitalization. For example, e-books are directed as teaching and course material in schools and colleges nowadays.

Most of these e-books are available in PDF format because it is the best and most secure file format. Moreover, PDFs also support cross-platform compatibility and graphical integrity.

However, dealing with PDFs has its problems, as it is not possible to edit them without a powerful PDF editor. The internet is full of multi-functional PDF editors, but you need to be very careful when choosing one, as many are unreliable and have performance issues. This article will help you know about the best PDF editor, which is both reliable and intuitive.

Part 1: UPDF – The Revolutionary and Best PDF Editor

UPDF PDF Editor is emerging as one of the finest PDF editing tools because it provides advanced and unique features. From reading to annotating PDFs, this powerful tool accomplishes every task professionally.

Users can use it to solve all issues related to PDF files. Furthermore, this tool also allows you to combine multiple images in a single PDF file which you can share with your friends with just a few clicks.

It is a trusted and reliable tool in the market and is used in a wide range of fields. Bankers can use this best PDF editor for adding signatures on cheques and challan forms. Lengthy PDF files which are difficult to read can be divided into multiple small documents. Above all, a single license of this tool can work on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Exceptional Key Features of UPDF

As discussed above, UPDF is a feature-rich tool loaded with different innovative features. Read the following points to learn more about these remarkable features:

1. Professional Editing Tool

Editing a PDF was never that easy before UPDF. It provides many much-needed features which other tools lack. With it, you can edit the text using different colors, styles, and fonts. Apart from editing the text, it also allows you to add, remove, crop, and rotate images in a PDF. If you want to add additional content to a PDF file, incorporate hyperlinks using this best PDF editor.

2. Remarkable Converting Tool

Converting the PDF to other formats like Word, Text, or PowerPoint is an easy task for UPDF. It also allows you to change PDF to image formats like GIF, RTF, or TIFF. This feature is useful when your teacher or employer demands a file in a format other than PDF. Apart from converting a single PDF, you can also use its Batch Convert feature to convert multiple files simultaneously.

3. Amazing Annotating Tool

More than 100 different types of stamps and stickers are available to annotate PDFs on this PDF editor. You can use them in creating vibrant e-books for preschool students. Graphic designers can use the UPDF pencil tool to create fantastic document shapes. Furthermore, adding comments to the existing files is also feasible by using UPDF sticky notes or text boxes.

4. Innovative OCR Technology

With the support of 38 languages, OCR technology is the most advanced feature of UPDF. It allows users to make scanned PDF files editable and searchable. During the OCR process, no data loss occurs, meaning all the data present in the document will remain intact. It is also possible to change the layout of the new document to suit your needs.

5. Other Outstanding Features

Apart from the features mentioned above, UPDF has many more unique features that make it the best PDF editor.Some of these features are discussed below:

  • Flatten PDF: Make your PDF flatten before sending it to anyone because by doing so, data like images, signatures, or watermarks of the document will remain secure. Moreover, you can also flatten the cropped PDF documents so no one can recover the cropped content.
  • Compress PDF: Sharing large PDF files is troublesome. Thus, it is always wise to reduce its size before sending it to anyone. On UPDF, you can compress the PDF file as small as you want without compromising the document quality.
  • Combine PDF: If your desktop is piled up with several PDF documents, try the UPDF combine feature for adding multiple files in a single PDF. Moreover, you can combine multiple images of different formats, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, JPG, or GIF, in one file.
  • Organize and Crop PDF: You can organize PDF pages as you want by using this remarkable tool because it provides unlimited organizing features like rotate, delete, replace, and split. Furthermore, it is also easy to crop a single page or whole document with this best PDF editor to remove unnecessary content from it.
  • Insert Pages in PDF: Sometimes, extra pages are needed for noting down additional data. You can use the insert feature of this PDF editor to add blank pages to your PDF files on which supporting graphs, text, and hyperlinks can be added. Apart from attaching blank pages, the user can also incorporate pages of other PDF files in the target document in no time.
  • Create PDF/A Files: Need to secure your important PDF files for a long time? Converting them to PDF/A is the best choice. UPDF allows you to easily convert your essential PDFs to PDF/A to archive them.
  • Change Watermark and Background of PDF: Three types of watermarks can be added to any document with UPDF to make them more personalized. The watermarks’ opacity, ratio, and other visual properties can be adjusted with just a few clicks. In addition, UPDF allows its users to add images, colors, or documents as a background in PDF files.


To cut a long story short, UPDF is the best PDF editor for handling PDF-related problems. Its remarkable features like editing, annotating, OCR technology, and many others are helpful for people working in education, banking, and other sectors. As compared to other editing tools, UPDF is cost-effective because it provides affordable subscription plans. Try it now to edit PDF files professionally.