6 Best Free PDF Converters for Android Offline and Online


Recall a couple of years prior that you did an essay. You put it on your USB drive, take it to your teacher for assessment, and he had told you he didn’t need that in Word Document format but in PDF files. Looking back, that was a bit of a daunting task since you don’t know exactly what to do. Now, you can quickly and easily convert your essay from Word doc to PDF file even using your Android phone. Here are six free PDF converters accessible for free in 2021 you might want to use as they are available both offline and online. Check these out!

1. PDFBear

When handling your assignments, it is important to convert Word Doc to PDF files or vice versa experiencing no troubles or hassles. With this, online converters that use confusing processes and take so much time to process are a big no to use. This brings us to how reliable, easy, and convenient a PDFBear online converter tool to convert your files. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, plus the entire conversion process is really quick.

The Word to PDF transformation on PDFBear begins once you transfer any Microsoft Word document to the converter. Then, PDFBear will immediately filter the transferred MS Word document. The software will also analyze and convert it to a PDF file. Likewise, PDFBear will scan, examine, and convert it automatically, so you don’t need to click another button to push through the conversion process.

For the third step of this conversion process, just sit and wait until the process is complete—no more reason to stress out yourself as you will not end up waiting for so long. Expect that the newly converted file is ready for download after one to two minutes.


  • Quick conversion
  • There’s no need to download and install the app to access it.
  • User-friendly interface


  • Not yet recorded

2. PDFElement

The next PDF converter on the list is accessible to use as an editor, creator, and converter of your PDF files. PDFElement is one of the simplest and most enjoyable PDF converters you could discover today. And, when we say enjoyable, we mean simply that ─ it’s a PDF converter you would appreciate using. From the simple UI to the program’s efficiency, you have a great tool amongst other PDF converters on your hands with PDFelement. Plus, converted documents are guaranteed to be exactly similar to the original file.


  • Can edit the files seamlessly
  • Can easily scan documents.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Offers many usable features


  • OCR functionality requires an additional download.

3. Able2Extract PDF Converter

Able2Extract PDF Converter is another PDF app converter accessible in Android and comes with free features. All you need to do is find the document you need, select and open it by utilizing this application. Then, you just need to choose the output format and tap Convert. It will only take you about 15 seconds to transfer the file to their server and wait for a couple of seconds to finally convert your file.


  • Internet connection is unnecessary.
  • No limitations to the file’s size that need to be converted


  • A PDF reader is needed to preview the result
  • Not accessible to convert common formats like JPG.

4. PDF Converter Pro

Another Android PDF converter app accessible for free is PDF Converter Pro. Sometimes, some people may mistake it with Wondershare PDF Converter Pro, which is desktop software. Plus, they are created and developed by different companies. This converter tool also supports other file formats, which only means it is accessible to manage different files in different formats. These common formats are like all Microsoft formats, PDF, and image design like JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and ODT format as well. How to edit a pdf file on mobile phone and laptop.


  • Supports converting PDF files to other file formats and vice versa.
  • Both preview and backup are available.


  • Not entirely free to use. They will ask you to pay for a monthly subscription after a few free usages.
  • It doesn’t provide data where your file is exactly saved or located

5. Doc to PDF Converter

This Doc to PDF Converter comes with a very user-friendly interface anyone can use and allow you to change word documents to PDF files easily. Plus, the entire conversion process is quick and easy, and you can email the PDF files directly to any recipient.


  • Offers a brief user interface
  • A user-friendly PDF converter tool


  • It only offers conversion of Word document to PDF file and JPG file.

6. Able2Doc PDF to Word

This app is considered a small portion of Able2Extract PDF Converter. It is intended for individuals who just need to change PDF over to Word document on Android. In case you need to convert PDF over to excel, text or PPT, or word to you can pick Able2Extract PDF Converter. One great thing about this app is that it will permanently save the newly converted file in your phone system until you decide to delete it.


  • Converting a file will only require a few seconds to finally complete.
  • Converted files are saved into your device directly.
  • Accessible for free and is user-friendly to use.


  • Convert PDF to text is not accessible on Android.
  • Sometimes, figures and diagrams in PDF files aren’t recognized.


A PDF converter tool is such a good way to keep down your paper consumption and easily edit your work in digital files with less hassle. Plus, if you’re in a rush to send an important document, converting it to the needed file format using the six PDF converter tools is the best option. And when creating a personal e-filing system, this is also a simple solution to help you. Besides that these tools are accessible on your Android device, they also offer and support free features to help you handle all your files. There’s no need to worry now if your teacher or boss will ask you to submit documents to another file format.