TOP Alternative you need to opt for if your Primewire is down


Not everyone loves watching their favorite movies in the cinema hall. They instead prefer to watch movies or TV shows Online. They believe it is the best way of getting entertained.

In the world, almost 8 out of 10 people watch movies on the online platform, and to support this demand, you may find different websites offering the latest film from all over the world.

Among such websites, Primewire is one of those sites that upload all the new HD quality movies and TV shows. If you visit the website, you may discover movies of different genres.

All these pages are well designed, with a fantastic interface. But the problem is not every country allows operating such websites in their country. Due to various issues, the Internet service provider of the top country has restricted the sites. Due to which, the Primewire user have noticed searching solution for Primewire down.

 If you are also facing issues or your favorite site is down, you can visit the following alternative site for getting entertained with the latest movies and TV shows.

This article will check every detail of PrimeWire, why Primewire is down, and some elements of the alternatives you can watch if you’re Primewire down. Let’s have a look.

What is Primewire? 

Most people prefer watching movies or their favorite Tv shows on their mobile or laptop. Everyone can’t visit their nearest cinema hall to monitor the performance of the latest environment. Mostly they have a busy schedule.

The best way to keep themselves entertained in such a busy lifestyle is by watching movies online. The available OTT platforms are very costly, and you won’t get the latest movie instantly. You have to wait for a long time to get your favorite movie online.

In such a scenario, the user opts for those online sites which avail different latest movies on their site without any cost. Primewire is also one of those sites. It is one of the most popular online movie sites.

It is a well-designed online movie website, where you get to watch different genre movies and sets of TV shows for free. The film or show you get on this site is of HD quality.

The homepage of the site is regularly updated with the latest content. You will also get a review of the program you are watching.

Due to the vast collections of movies and TV shows, people prefer this particular site over any other site. However, there is a problem with Primewire. You may see in some countries, the network of thePrimewire is downIn many countries, the website is blocked as it uploads the copyright content illegally.

What happened to the Primewire?

Primewire is marked as one of the best sites for watching online movies and shows. The reason for such popularity is you get to watch the latest content and don’t have to wait for long. The film that you watch on this site is of HD quality and Free of cost. Naturally, it gained an enormous fan following.

But from the last few times, it has been noticed the user is complaining that the site is not working. Most of the users are worried and asking a single question to google, why is my Primewire not working? Is Primewire down?

The answer may upset you a bit, but this is true. The news of Primewire down is accurate. As the site uploads copyright content without any permission, the site is considered illegal. To maintain safety and security, and some more issues, the internet service providers of the different countries have restricted the sites.

Although the original site is not available, you can use the URL. Here is some example of mirror sites URL:

  • li
  • Show
  • st
  • site

If one door closes, you get the option of another one. Similarly, if you notice that your Primewire is downyou have the opportunity to switch to alternatives sites.

Top popular Alternatives sites that you need to visit when your Primewire is down

If you face any issues with your Primewire site, you can always opt for the best alternative available in the digital world.  In the next half of the post, you will go through the review of some alternative options for primewire websites.  Let’s have a look below at the alternatives.

1. FilmHD4u

This is another site for watching movies and TV shows. The FilmHD4U is an excellent option for an alternative primewire site. Here you will get to see different genre movies that too in HD quality. If you are watching the films on this site, you have to first login into your account. But while watching movies on this site, you should not compare the place with prime wire. If you can do so, this can be your best excellent wire alternatives.

2. MovieZap

Another name in the list of the Primewire alternatives. Just like the prime wire, you can watch different movies and TV shows of another genre. If you notice that your Primewire downMovie Zap is a great option that you will seek. The site is incorporated with the various number of popular latest releases. You don’t have to navigate too much through the website to get the list of new releases or your favorite movie.

All types of movies are listed in the homepage only. One of the best features of the website is, when you will open the site, you will see that there are a number of heroes and heroines’ names enumerated in the list; just by clicking on the name of your favorite character, you will get to see their movie at once. Even if you can access Primewire, you can also use this website as an alternative option to the Primewire.

3. Rainierland

Suppose you are looking for a robust alternative that can give solid competition to Primewire. Rainierland is an alternative website of primewire that you are looking for. Why is Rainierland an excellent option as a Primewire alternative? The answer is, just like Primewire, you get a variety of TV shows and movie options here. You don’t have to worry about making an account here and don’t have to make any payment.

The interface of the site is also simple and easy to use. The site assures you that you can easily find your favorite content without any hassle. If you have insufficient space on your phone, you can easily watch the movie by online streaming. The only problem with the site is that it comes with a significant number of ads. Hence while entering the site, you will require a good Ad Blocker.

4. 123Panda Movie 

There is a high possibility that you have not heard the name of the 123Panda Movie site. Suppose this is true, then you are not the single one. The website 123Panda Movie website is a relatively new site still trying hard to make a good reputation in the market.

But the site might be new, but it has an excellent deal to offer to all the visitors. And considering the range of the offers they are offering; it can be predicted that the website will soon become one of the topmost Primewire alternatives for movie lovers.

5. iFlix

The Primewire is downdue to which you cannot watch your favorite movie or latest TV show. The best option is to switch to the best alternative of the previous site, rather than getting frustrated. As a Primewire Alternative, you can give it a try at the iFlix website. They are also offering movies of different genres, languages.

6. CineBoom 

While searching for a solution for your prime wire website, you must have come across the name of CineBoom. As per the name, you can easily understand that CineBoom is filled with multiple movie collections. The collection of the movie can give tough competition to the prime wire website.

Moreover, you don’t have to get bothered with interrupting and unwanted ads. Hence you can easily watch your favorite content without zero interruption. When you get a site that doesn’t make any ad interruption, not giving it a try can be a foolish act.

7. 123Movie 

One of the most popular sites has gained popularity after the restriction of many other online movie streaming and downloading sites. When Primewire users were facing issues due to its sudden shutdown, the 123movie site came up in the market as a savior.

Some more reasons for the popularity of these sites is the design, massive collection of content in their library. The website supports a good media player who is accompanied by keyboard shortcuts.


Entertainment is like a fresh breeze in our busy lifestyle. It is not possible to go to the cinema hall every time something new is released or subscribes to any Over Top platform. In such criteria watching the movie from an online streaming site becomes the only option. One of the most popular online streaming sites is Primewire. But due to safety reasons, the ISP of the different countries has restricted the site due to which Primewire is down in many countries. Here you acknowledged various alternatives websites for Primewire.   

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