HDSector Proxy Sites and 6 alternatives


Do you want a website to upload and download torrents? Are you looking for a daily dose of entertainment?

In this article, I’ll list out various available options for free movies, shows, and the Latest series streaming platform.

The top choice on my list is Hdsector.

Let me define Hdsector for you.

What is Hdsector?

Hdsector is the top-ranked torrent site. It contains torrents for films, TV serials, songs, programs, ebooks, and game software.

Here’s a quick review on Hdsector:

  • It supports quick download or upload of a variety of torrents.
  • The home design and layout of Hdsector are pretty good and highly user-friendly.
  • You will get magnet links at Hdsector for easy downloading and uploading torrents.
  • Hdsector is an unauthorized website thus it might undergo copyright issues.
  • It has been banned in the U.S.A. So frequent users of this website might be looking for alternatives.

Now that you know Hdsector had to suffer a bann, you might be tensed. But no worries, because below I’ve listed two ways to unblock Hdsector.

How to unblock Hdsector proxy?

You can unblock the website with the help of the Hdsector proxy list.

Get into the list –

  • Unlock to
  • proxybit.fun
  • Proxy of hdsector. to
  • Bypass Hdsector proxy
  • unblockproject.pw
  • Hdsector Mirror

Quickly scan through the two most popular ways to unblock Hdsector proxy in your region –

1) TOR Browser

One of the most efficient browsers to use for the restricted website Hdsector is TOR. It has a high technical specification that lets users unblock banned websites easily.

TOR browser is accessible on both Android set and P.C.

NOTE: Use the Incognito version if you are a desktop user.

2) VPN

You might head on to VPN for unblocking Hdsector but it’s not preferable over TOR Browser.

Furthermore, VPNs can lead to several technical issues, thus it is better to use VPN over smartphones only.

NOTE: VPN might slow down your internet speed. Do not use it on your Mac device.

Is there any Alternative for Hdsector?

Yes. Since you are well aware of the fact that Hdsector is illegal in the  USA, so you must be hunting for available alternatives.

I have listed it down below for you. Check it out on yourself :

1) 123 Movies

123 Movies is almost similar to Hdsector. Its interface and steps to download or upload torrents match with Hdsector.

123 Movies is a good option as a field of entertainment.

It contains movies, shows, web series, etc.

You will love it as the content here is frequently updated. The latest releases are uploaded every day for your visitors.

However, in some cases, you might have connection issues over 123 Movies.


It is the second great alternative for Hdsector. However, MOVIE4U is also blocked in certain countries. But as a user, if you encounter some issue on Hdsector, you can land on the MOVIE4U website.

3) Putlocker

Putlocker is likewise a common entertainment website as Hdsector. To avail you of its benefits, you should read the reviews and ranking.

Over 80 million users view Putlocker per day.

Thus, you have reasons to shift from Hdsector to Putlocker.


RARBG is a torrent application website. It also offers magnet links to your users.

You can easily download movies, prime shows, Netflix videos, etc from RARBG.

This website will keep you entertained throughout the day.

You don’t have to invest a single dollar for entertainment.

5) The Kick-Ass Torrent

Talking about the Kick-Ass Torrent, it is the most famous website that stands apart from others in terms of entertainment and information.

10 million-plus users are currently accessing this website.

The specialty of Kick-Ass Torrent is you will get the API details and new dose of entered every single day.

6) 1337x

1337x is a good substitute for Hdsector.

It has a huge number of torrent download options for its users.


I’m sure this article has helped you to hunt the easiest ways the access online content by Hdsector.

The strongest proxy connection in the HD market is also known to you by now.

So, why wait? Go and enjoy the facilities of free online entertainment websites.

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