Noella Bergener: Wiki, Net Worth, Career and many more

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Noella Bergeneris is one of the most popular personalities on the internet. Are you interested to know everything related to her personal and professional Life?

As per Noella Bergner’s wiki, she is a model and social media influencer with many followers on her accounts. However, everyone wants to know how she got famous in the industry and why she got divorced from her true love.

If you need to know everything about her, then keep reading.

Who is Noella Bergener?

Noella Bergener is a famous model and a television sensation in the United States. She gets into the limelight when she takes part in a show called “Real Housewives of Orange,” where she reveals her divorce story.

She said she received a divorce letter from James Bergener. Noella expressed her love and said she wanted to solve the issues and settle things. At that moment, her fans were shocked as no one expected James and Noella to get divorced.

Noella Bergener’s Early Life and Career

Noella likes to keep her personal information to herself as she is introverted. We know she lives in Orange County, California, the United States. She was born in 1985 and went to a local school for primary studies.

She’s active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she posts pictures and stories for her followers. She did her bachelor’s degree from a renowned college, but we needed help finding the university’s exact name like Noella Bergener’s birthday date and other personal information.

More interesting facts related to Noella Bergener in detail

Real Name Noella Bergener
Nickname Noella
Gender Female
Profession Actress
Noella Bergener height 5 feet 8 inches
Date of Birth 1985
Age 36
Birthplace USA
Nationality American
School/University Unknown
Education qualification Graduate
Marital Status Divorced
Father’s name Christopher Nance Wheaterman
Mother’s name Not mentioned
Husband James Bergener
Children James Jr Bergener and Coco Bergener

Noella Bergener Wiki and Professional Life

Noella started as a model, and you can check out her Instagram account, as it is filled with different shoots and photos. She has worked with several magazines and brands through photoshoots and promotional events.

She was on the cover page of magazines like Flirt, Esquire, and others trending in the market. She appeared in the Real Housewives of Orange County, a reality show by Scott Dunlop.

She joined Real Housewives of Orange as one of the main casts. She made guest appearances on the show in the last three seasons.

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Noella Bergener divorce situation

On December 15, 2021, Noella Bergener said that her husband filed for a divorce in court, and she received the papers regarding it. The reason for the call off the wedding is still unknown, but it is believed that the reason for divorce is the unpaid debt of James Bergener.

The debt is around $6 million, and Noella wants to help her husband pay the debt, but James decides to call off the wedding. However, whether the couple is still together or divorced is not confirmed.

Noella shared her story on the show, which put her in the limelight, and everyone started looking for information related to her, like Noella Bergener’s age and others. There needs to be more information on the internet related to Noella Bergener, as she likes to keep her private information private.

Noella Bergener’s Net Worth

Noella Bergner’s source of income comes from modeling, sponsorship, commercials, television shows, and advertisements. Her net worth is around $2-3 million in February 2023, as she got the attention after the RHOC.

Noella Bergener Marriage and Husband

Noella Bergener’s husband or ex-husband, James Bergener, is an injury lawyer and an entrepreneur. He’s also the founding member of Sweet James Law Firm. James and Noella were best friends and dated for a long time before marrying each other.

They decided to get married in June 2020 in front of every relative, family, and close friend. However, information needs to be mentioned about the couple’s first meeting.

Noella Bergerner Family and Ethnicity

Only a little data is given about her family online, but her father’s name is Christopher Nance Weatherman. He works as a social worker and has worked for many charities, foundations, and campaigns to save children and for other motives.

However, Noella’s father passed away on October 7, 2021, and she shared the news with her fans through an Instagram post. The reason for her father’s death is still unknown and has not been revealed by her on any social media platform.

Noella’s mother, Nicholette Ortega Nance, is a housewife. Noella is close to her grandfather, and his name is Colonel Calvin. No information found on the internet related to the siblings is available.

Noella is a mother of two kids. Her daughter’s name is Coco, and her son’s is James Jr. Bergener. She shares the pictures with her kids on social media platforms as she likes to spend time with her kids. She gave birth to James on June 18, 2019, but he was diagnosed with Autism.

You can check out her social media platforms for pictures with the kids.

About Real Housewives of Orange County

Noella has appeared in some of the episodes of RHOC along with other famous personalities, including Nicole James, Ryne Holliday, Chris Lee, John Greer, and others. The show is about the real life of favorite ladies and their problems.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1: What is the name of Noella’s pet?

Ans: Her pet’s name is Riri, and she is a dog.

Q2: How many posts are present on Noella’s Instagram account?

Ans: There are around 344 posts available with 33.6k followers.

Q3:How tall is Noella?

Ans: 5’8″.