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Naomi Yomtov is a prominent American producer, businesswoman, writer, and philanthropist. Although Naomi gained recognition as a celebrity wife, she has contributed. Her husband, Bob Odenkirk, is a famous actor – popular for his role in “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul.”

Naomi has produced notable films like No Hard Feelings, and Melvin Goes to Dinner. Her talent and expertise have also allowed her to work with famous comedy stars like Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. Naomi Yomtov’s contributions and accomplishments have made her a respected figure in Hollywood beyond her association with her talented husband.

Naomi Yomtov Wikipedia

Naomi Susan Yomtov was born in the United States on December 2, 1974. Despite her public presence, she remains private about her family background, displaying a reserved nature.

Real name Naomi Susan Yomtov
Nicknames Naomi
Name after marriage Naomi Odenkirk
Famous for She is a well-known producer and is best known for being a celebrity wife.
Age (as of 2023) 48 years
Date of Birth December 2, 1974
Ethnicity White
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Birthplace United States of America
Current residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Marital status Married
Religion Christianity
Profession Film producer, Writer, TV producer, Businesswoman
Gender Female

Naomi Yomtov Body Features

Height 6 feet, 183 cm
Weight 75 kg
Hair colour Dark brown (Brunette)
Eye colour Brown
Face shape Oval
Body measurements 26-23-28 inches

Naomi Yomtov Family: Married Life, Spouse, & children

Naomi Yomtov, a private individual, has kept her background and personal life undisclosed despite gaining fame through her marriage to Bob Odenkirk. She has not revealed more about her parents and siblings.

Naomi Yomtov’s Wikipedia indicates that she is from a Christian family. Naomi and Bob met during a Playboy magazine shoot, and their strong partnership of over 20 years sets them apart as a great Hollywood couple. She is recognized as a critical contributor to her husband’s success.

Spouse Bob Odenkirk
Daughter Erin Odenkirk (22 years old)
Son Nate Odenkirk (24 years old)
Mother-in-Law Barbara Odenkirk
Father-in-Law Walter Odenkirk
Brother-in-Law Bill Odenkirk

Naomi Odenkirk’s Husband – Bob Odenkirk

Naomi Yomtov married Bob Odenkirk in 1997 and has two children, Erin and Nate. Naomi had been interested in Bob since she first noticed him in a comedy club in California (in 1994).

After a year, they started dating and eventually tied the knot; Naomi was married to Bob until then. Before their relationship, Bob was romantically involved with actress Janeane Garofalo. Later Bob and Naomi started dating and finally tied the knot; they continued to share a strong bond until then for over 25 years.

Bob Odenkirk is an American actor, writer, and comedian famous for his role in the TV service “Breaking Bad” and its prequel, “Better Call Saul” Saul Goodman. Despite a life-threatening heart attack during the filming of “Better Call Saul”, Bob made a remarkable comeback, and his talent and contribution have made him a respected figure.

Naomi Yomtov Early Life and Career

Naomi Yomtov was born and raised in the United States. She studied at Jerome High School and graduated from Boise State University – majoring in film and television production.

Naomi began her professional career as a writer and gained recognition for her book “Mr Show: What Happened?” (1995). She ventured into producing in 2003, with her first film, “Melvin Goes to Dinner”, receiving critical acclaim and earning various awards.

Throughout her career, Naomi has produced several TV series and movies, including “Derek and Simon: The Show,” “Atom TV,” and “Let’s Do This.” She manages “Odenkirk Talent Management” alongside her spouse and runs “Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment,” a comedy-focused firm.

Naomi has established herself as a successful producer, with projects like “No Hard Feelings” and “Summer in Argyle” currently in the works.

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Interesting facts about Naomi Yomtov

  • Naomi is not found on social media platforms and has kept her personal life a secret. Although she is a celebrity wife, Naomi has no profile on any social media platforms, as she loves enjoying her privacy.
  • Flo – Stephanie Courtney is the first client of Naomi Yomtov. She had roles in “Mad Men” and “2 Broke Girls” and was managed by Naomi. Some other stars that went through her hands include Bill Harder, Kristen Wiig, Casey Wilson, etc.
  • Hollywood considers Bob Odenkirk and Naomi Yamtov a powerful couple because of their strong relationship for over 25 years (married from 1997 to the present).
  • Bob was not even interested in her during the first meeting with Naomi. But they ended up interacting with each other at a comedy club.


Naomi Yomtov is a multi-talented producer and businesswoman. She made remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry. In her enduring partnership with her husband, Naomi has established herself as a respected figure in Hollywood.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is Naomi married to?

Naomi Odenkirk is married to Bob Odenkirk, a famous American actor, filmmaker and comedian known for his lead roles in drama series.

Does Naomi Odekirk have any children?

Naomi has two children with Bob Odenkirk, a daughter named Erin (born on November 24, 2000) and a son named Nate (born on December 3, 1998).

What is Naomi Yomtov’s age in 2023?

Naomi Yomtov’s age is 48 years in 2023 (at present); she was born on December 2 1974.

How tall is Naomi Yomtov?

Naomi stands 1.83 meters tall, which would be around 6 feet.

When did Naomi and Bob get married?

Naomi and Bob Odenkirk married in 1997 and still share a strong bond (they have been married for over two decades now).