Kruelmi – A new blogger trend set social media on fire


Kruelmi is the new trend and the most talked about subject on social media. The word Kruelmi originated by combining the Korean and Portuguese languages. It is used by several people these days on social media to spread ethnic flair in their blog posts.

Why are people using Kruelmi?

The word is unique in itself, which grabs the users’ attention as soon as they read it. Kruelmi helps bloggers to reach the target audience with a more personal touch.

Approach through the Kruel mi states that you are catching up to the readers but want them to be part of your journey. Show empathy to your readers and make them contribute to your passion.

It is a way to tell your audience that you care about them. You are here to serve them with the best possible results. All the efforts eventually bring more crowds to your blog and steer you to triumph in the niche industry.

What is Kruelmi?

Kruelmi is the type of post blogger creates by taking photos of themselves with funny appearances. The ideology behind the concept is to entertain the readers with content made out of your funny appearance and build the story around it.

Making fun of you is the easiest way to create content in modern blogging. Blogger uses their weight or clothes to make the story.

Such funny stories are getting more attention from social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Bloggers leverage the opportunity after seeing the audience respond to self-centric funny stories.

It is the best way to portray the fun part of your life with an important message. Sharing funny stories on social media always grabs the attention of a large audience, as there is no barrier to the content.

Some bloggers find the Kruelmi exciting because it helps them to break the ice between strangers. Make your audience laugh and engage in the conversation with the funny post.

However, a community believes the trend is self-conscious and needs more depth. Even though only some people are aligned with the concept, the trend shows that many bloggers benefit from the Kruelmi trend.

Benefits of the Kruelmi

1) Show the creative side of your personality funnily.

2) Connect with the audience who look for stress burster entertainment.

3) Portray your opinion artistic way and present it to the larger audience already looking for the Kruelmi post using a hashtag.

4) Enter a trend already gaining popularity and driving users to your blog.

5) Use Kruelmi content to promote your brand or business on social media.

6) It is fun to stay connected with your followers and engage them in the conversation.

How to use Kruelmi?

Using the Kruelmi trend on your blogging will make it appear cool and engage the people who are already following the trend into a conversation. It is purely handwriting style where you have to write the post all in capital letters. You can use abbreviations in the post as well. Follow the below steps to start using Kruelmi.

1) Focus on basics: Take one step at a time and focus on creating exciting content using the Kruelmi methods. Read the other’s posts to understand what people like the most.

Learning abbreviations and capital letters would make Kruelmi a post. Using abbreviations in the post will make your blog appear more professional.

2) Use images: Whenever you feel the photos help explain the story, try to explain it with the image. Visual content will translate your emotions and message to your audience. Visual content grabs the attention of a larger audience; thus, the community, through the image content, will be accessible.

3) Hashtag: Using the proper hashtag is most important in getting into the right community. After the Kruelmi trend got famous on social media, several hashtags have introduced by users.

Find the best hashtag that suits your blogging content and use it in the caption to reach the right audience. The use of hashtags will put you in the middle of the discussion. Chance of getting notice increases which will lead to more visitors through conversation.

4) Keep it fresh: When preparing the Kruelmi post, you can take inspiration from the other post published on social media but ensure that you are only making a creative post. Do not repeat the same image in the post. People look for fresh content that surprises them. If the content is already seen, the readers may ignore your Kruelmi content.

Mix up the post format, go beyond your limit, and experience the different posts to see how the audience reacts. Keep an eye on the post that is doing well. Observe the audience’s reaction to the specific post and learn from it. Keeping the post fresh will put you away from junk posts and give you a unique identity.