How to Reset Frigidaire Dishwasher- Read the Smart and Easy Hacks!


It’s completely frustrating situation when you’re about to load a ton of dishes and your dishwasher stops working.  At that time you just want to punch the dishwasher, unfortunately you’re not able to do this.

This can be a major inconvenience when you host a dinner party and you have lots of dishes to clean.  If your dishwasher is acting then there must be errors, so to resolve the issue Frigidaire dishwasher reset steps can save your time.

Here in this post we are going to discuss the easy hacks to reset the Frigidaire dishwasher in no time.

What are the Error Codes?

Before jumping on the solutions one should understand the error codes displayed on the screen.

  • I10- poor water level
  • I20- limited drain line
  • I40- Limited drain line
  • I50- drains or wash failure
  • I60- fail of water heating system
  • iF0- limited Drain line
  • ic0- fail of electronic control system

How To Reset Frigidaire Dishwasher error codes?

There are many reasons why your dishwasher is not working. The major culprits are error codes which indicate system failure, power failure, and wiring issues.

As you see, different error codes work differently as categorized above. If the Frigidaire dishwasher indicates error i20, i40, i30 this basically indicates there is a problem in the drainage system. So the Frigidaire dishwasher reset required checking whether the drain hose is working properly or not. Check it aligns or empty it for the proper water drainage.

The other error codes like i10, i40, iF0 indicate the leakage issues in the drainage system. On the other side the errors like i50, i60 and ic0 indicate the failure of the water heating system, electronic issues, failure of the water motor, and more.

The PF error codes indicate the failure of power while DP or FL stands for drain pump and water valve problems in the dishwasher.  To resolve these issues it is must to call the professionals instead checking DIY on how to reset Frigidaire dishwasher.

You may have seen the codes like UF, ER, CE, and CL. These show the issues in vent open, stuck key, close door, and configuration error.

If you see Frigidaire Dishwasher flashing lights then follow the basic Frigidaire dishwasher reset program then follow the given steps mentioned above. If the hacks do not work then asking for professional help is best to rescue the error codes.

Methods for Frigidaire dishwasher reset

Method 1- Long press the power button

For Frigidaire dishwasher reset the basic step is hold down the power button or cancel button for at least 3 seconds. With this, it will shut down the dishwasher and reset all its settings and make it in process.

After this, you should wait for 5 minutes and restart the dishwasher. Once the process starts you can load your dishes and input the settings.

Note- Displaying lights are not only a mechanical issue with your dishwasher.  For instance, if you’ve washed the dishes it will display the green light for a while.

Method 2- Shut down the circuit breaker if turning the dishwasher

Another best option to Frigidaire dishwasher reset is to shut down the machine at the circuit breaker box. This allows the machine to re calibrate. Switch it off for 5 minutes and disconnect the power from the main source.

After 5 minutes, start the dishwasher again and see if it is working or not.

Note- hold it for 5 minutes

If it doesn’t work then calling professionals is highly mandatory for the best output.  The trick you can do with it is running test load. This can be done only when the screen is showing nothing.

Try to run a test load with plastic or non-valuable goods dishes to rinse in the dishwasher. If everything runs smoothly, then it means you can use it again as usual. For any inconvenience, you can call customer service to repair the issues.

How to Maintain a Frigidaire dishwasher after reset?

When your repair is done you should maintain the dishwasher for a long time and that’s only possible when you follow the maintenance tips to increase its life for a long time.

Modern dishwashers come with exciting tools and systems, hence to maintain it for a long time is crucial.

  • Rinse off your dishwasher

Your dishwasher uses detergent to scrub off dust particles. If you pre-wash your dishwasher and expel the hard stuff from the container you can keep your dishwasher easy and safe to use for a long time. So, always rise off the dishwasher before and after cleaning the utensils.

  •  Load the dishwasher properly

To make the dishwasher best for use you will need to check the dishwasher properly as follows.

  • Check the spray arms
  • Do not stack dirty dishes, this goes for overloading.
  • Make use of sides strategically to keep the water spray moving efficiently.
  • Separate the stainless steel and silver flatware to avoid reaction.
  • To secure the glassware, go between the times.
  • Avoid the risk of falling plastic elements in the heating elements, this can damage your dishwasher

Keep check on Water temperature

To avoid Frigidaire dishwasher reset one must check the water temperature settings first. Make sure to set 120-125 degrees temperature for ideal cleaning of dishes. The more temperature can cause damage to the dishwasher.

  • Start with hot water

Before cleaning dishes in the dishwasher one must give it a start by running hot water into the sink’s. This prime step is hot water cleaning then step to cold water.

  • Keep the dishwasher clean

As you know, a dishwasher is an electronic gadget that needs cleanliness too to avoid the Frigidaire dishwasher reset process. Your dishwasher has few places to clean that could help you get most out of the dishwasher.

  • Remove the trap from the bottom of the dishwasher
  • Keep the spray arms clean and efficient to use
  • Clean the door seals to prevent the odor
  • Choose the smudge-proofs dishwashers
  • Put your dishes in a sequence so the dishwasher works efficiently.
  • Rinse off the dishwasher for optimizing the dishwasher quality and avoid being hung.

These are the basic steps you will need to follow to maintain the Frigidaire dishwasher for a long time. By considering simple steps you can easily avoid the Frigidaire problems.

The Bottom Line

That’s all we have to say in this post. Here we have discussed how to reset Frigidaire dishwasher. Plus the basic steps to maintain the dishwasher for a long time and avoid the issues. So, keep following the above steps and avoid the issues.

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