How to Pick Commercial Solar Installers: Everything You Need to Know


Are you thinking about getting solar panels for your business? Congratulations, you’ve made a brilliant decision.

The decision to install solar panels on your business benefits the environment while also reducing the electrical load on your bank account. The most difficult aspect of installing a commercial solar system is not installing itself, but rather to pick commercial solar installers to do it.

There are numerous companies that install solar panels, but not all of them are created equal. There are small-town installers and large national corporations, but which one is ideal for your project depends on a number of factors.

Don’t pick commercial solar installers without first reading our guide. It could mean the difference between a low-cost, high-efficiency installation and a solar-powered nightmare.

Continue reading to learn how to select the best commercial solar installers.


First, confirm your installer is a specialist in installing solar panels. You’ll know this by confirming whether they have passed the test with the board of energy practitioners of the state.

Only trained and qualified solar installers get to be certified. Working with them offers a guarantee of access to quality solar installation services.

Their training also equips them with information on the various precautions they need to observe as they install the systems. This, too, offers certainty on your safety.

License and Insurance

Solar installers need to have all the required business licenses and insurance policies. Solar installers require a license to handle electrical and wiring components.

Apart from the license, they should have liability insurance. During solar installation, accidents and injuries are likely to occur.

Working with solar installers that ensure their services gives you peace of mind. It will not be your concern in case of any damages or injuries.

In case of any damages, they can compensate you. If their employees are injured during the process, they cater for their medical bills.

Before hiring commercial solar installers, be keen to look into this aspect to minimize unexpected costs.

Solar Installation Experience

Solar is a growing industry. It’s drawing a lot of professionals from different backgrounds.

Finding the right solar installer with the right experience can be difficult, but it comes with several gains when you do.

First, look into the time the solar company was established. Consider the number of solar installation projects they have worked on.

Look into the experience of the staff too. Be sure the team being sent to you has adequate experienced.

Experience facilitates solar professionals to perfect their skills. During that time, they learn new techniques that allow them to offer the best services.

Their Reputation

Reviews from their past customers are an excellent way of evaluating their reputation. Customers are fond of offering feedback on their experience after working with solar installers.

Ratings and reviews from past customers will give you a heads-up on what to expect when you choose to work with them.

A pattern of complaints means the company is a disaster in waiting to work with.
If you’re not content with the reviews on their website, visit the Better Business Bureau. On this page, you’ll get genuine information bout their services.

Working with reputable solar installers offers you peace during the whole project.

Pick Commercial Solar Installers Today

If you’re considering going solar, make use of the above tips. You’ll pick commercial solar installers with the appropriate skills and experience. From this, you’ll get quality and reliable solar installation services.