How to Choose Solar Installation Agencies: Everything You Need to Know


Is it time to install solar panels at your property? The first step is to choose solar installation agencies that can handle every aspect of the installation.

Solar panels are more popular than ever, thanks to lower installation costs. Unfortunately, scams and fraudsters made their way into the industry. The Better Business Bureau issued a warning to homeowners because of an increase in complaints.

How can you make sure you hire a reputable solar installer and have a superb solar installation experience?

Keep reading to find out how to choose solar installation agencies for your residential solar system.

  1. Experienced and Credentialed

The solar agency you work with needs to have a long track record of successful installations. Read online reviews about different companies in your area.

Your state may require solar installers to have a solar installation license. At the very least, they should have an electrical contractor’s license and certification with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

  1. Installation Time

Contact several companies and invite them to bid on the installation project. Installers have busy schedules and they may be booked out for several weeks.

If you want a quick installation, find out how long it takes to complete the solar panel installation.

  1. Selection of Solar Panels

Solar installation agencies align themselves with solar panel manufacturers. This could be a good thing because they have intimate knowledge of a manufacturer’s processes.

On the downside, this could limit the types of solar panels on offer. Look for an installation company that works with several manufacturers and offers a broad range of solar panels.

  1. Who Completes the Job

The person who provides the estimate isn’t the person who installs the solar panels. You’re probably not going to see that person again because they’re a salesperson.

You want to know who is performing the installation. Does the installation company use subcontractors? If so, make sure they’re bonded and insured.

Installation companies may use employees to perform the work. They should have coverage under the installation company’s insurance policy.

Make sure that you have a point of contact for the installation process. They should be the project manager who answers questions and walks you through the installation.

  1. Financing Options

A solar panel installation isn’t a cheap DIY renovation project. You’re transforming your home to make it more efficient.

There are upfront costs to install solar panels, though there are tax incentives to help offset the costs. Find out more about solar panels and tax incentives from different installers.

Some installers help you claim rebates and provide documentation for tax incentives. Make sure the installer you hire does this.

There’s still the question of financing the project. Some installers offer financing options through power purchase agreements, leasing, and loans.

If an installation company doesn’t offer financing options, skip it. For individuals who are unable to afford solar panels, HomeEnergyClub provides valuable resources to help you choose the right plans and explore different rates for renewable energy. They offer options that can make transitioning to renewable energy more accessible and affordable.

Choose Solar Installation Agencies With Confidence

Solar panels are a wonderful addition to any home. You can increase the value of your home while doing your part to help the environment.

To have the best solar installation experience, it’s important to work with the right installation company. You just learned a few essential tips to choose solar installation agencies with confidence.

You’ll avoid scams and get the right residential solar system. For more home improvement and real estate tips, check out the other articles on the blog!