Make Your Own DIY WiFi Antenna Booster – Step By Step Guide


There were times during Covid-19 especially when we all were working from home, realizes now & then that getting a fast & reliable WiFi connection can be tricky. You can relate to this when your room or apartment exists at such a place where the signal drops most of the time while taking meetings, classes, or streaming. WiFi has become a requisite like our daily need but performance can vary. It depends upon your carrier network or the place where you live. But don’t worry? DIY WiFi Antenna Booster comes to your rescue.

You might be thinking that boosting signals needs costly gadgets. Sometimes even a strong Wifi router cannot serve the purpose as its signals get disturbed by electronic appliances or location. Now you surely want to find out that what does a WiFi booster does or how does it work? Does it cost a lot? Can we make this at home? or many more. In this article, we are going to put all your queries to an end one by one.

A Wi-Fi Antenna Booster is a device that extends the WiFi network area in your home, offices & outside the building by amplifying the internet signals. These wifi boosters let all the wireless devices connect to it if they exist under its network range. It works on the process of signal amplification. It gets all the signals from your nearby transmitter & then amplifies them before transmission to different places.

During the process, it tries to cover all the non-network areas in order to extend the current WiFi network. This way internet reaches all the corners you have inside the building or even outside.

How Does DIY WiFi Antenna Booster Work?

Before purchasing a new WiFi booster or if you decided to make it at home, you need to understand or see how it works. Once a connection is established between the router and any wireless device with WiFi turned on, the booster starts working.

As an illustration, if you want to use your internet connection on the laptop without using a lot of data, it will be good for you if you turn on the router. The router immediately sends internet signals to your laptop. Now, the WiFi antenna booster comes into play when these signals or transmission does not reach your device i.e your laptop.

Now the transmission signals which were incapable of reaching your device will be captured by the antenna booster. The booster tries to push these amplified signals into the wireless device.

4 Reasons You Need A DIY WiFi Booster Antenna

Purchasing a WiFi Antenna booster is quite an investment. Now you must be thinking, do I need to buy this device just to boost the internet signal. Here are a few key points that will make it clear why you need a WiFi signal booster.

  • Some of the areas always have weak wireless signals or low internet connection. It can be around your office or home wherever these places are, you need a wifi booster.
  • There can be different spots in your house where your WiFi can’t reach you? Or the signals suddenly drop whenever you change places.
  • Maybe you own a large house or a large building which can make it difficult for the Wifi to reach every single corner of the multiple floors.
  • When you noticed that your wired internet connection is much better than the WiFi.

Create Your Own DIY WiFi Antenna Booster

We know getting a new wifi booster can be on the costlier side for many people. But who said we can’t make these antenna boosters at home. Here are a few techniques through which you can make your own DIY WiFi Antenna Booster at home.

Different Methods To Create A Signal Booster

  • Cola Can WiFi Signal Booster
  • DIY Aluminium Foil Booster
  • Own Radar Dish Signal Booster

Method 1: Cola Can WiFi Signal Booster

The items you are going to need while making this WiFi booster are as follows: Empty cola can, electric tape, WiFi router device, Meter Scale, Scissors, Marker & a cutter.

Step 1: Take a cola can & make bold circle marking around the can near the bottom.

Step 2: Now come to the top of the can, make a mark on the opposite side of the can opening.

Step 3: Create a straight line from that mark to the bottom corner & make semicircles on both sides of this line.

Step 4: Now cut along the semicircle you have drawn on both sides to remove the base of the can.

Step 5: Cut along the straight line after that open the can and turn it into a flat sheet.

Step 6: Cover all the sharp edges with electrical tape all along with the can.

Step 7: Your reflector is ready to place. Keep it behind the router to amplify the signals.

Method 2: DIY Aluminium Foil Booster

The item you are going to need while making this is only an aluminum foil to make a parabolic reflector.

Step 1: Take a large sheet of aluminum foil & turn it in the half after folding it.

Step 2: Fold each side towards the inside by 1c.m that creates a nice & stable reflector frame.

Step 3: Try to make a curve shape of the frame like an arc. Place it behind the router to use it as a signal booster.

Method 3: Own Radar Dish Signal Booster

The items you are going to need while making this WiFi booster are as follows:  Aluminum foil, Electric tape, WiFi adapter, Plastic bowl.

Step 1: Cover the whole bowl with the aluminum foil as it should seem like an aluminum-covered bowl.

Step 2: Put electrical tape from one end to another like dividing the bowl into two equal halves.

Step 3: Stick that Wifi adapter connected to the USB port beneath the sticky side of the tape. This way it boosts the signals of the Wifi booster.

Benefits Of Using DIY WiFi Antenna Booster

  • You can increase the strength of the Wifi signals by installing a Wifi signal booster anytime or anywhere.
  • Installing a Wifi or a signal booster allows you to go wireless. You will be saving a lot of money on wiring hassles & wiring costs.
  • Signal boosters can extend the battery longevity of wireless devices because less power is required to transmit strong signals.
  • Make your long data transfers easy. You can save a lot of time after a good Wifi connection.
  • A good DIY WiFi signal booster can add up a little to your security as it will help the security alarms that are dependent on your Wifi connection.
  • There is no need to constantly worrying about bad coverage areas even if the distance between the source & device is too long.
  • Signal boosters increase the signal strength in bidirectional ways. They amplify the strength of the received signal as well as the transmitted one.


Enjoy instant signal boost with the help of our DIY WiFi Antenna booster ideas. Try to make one for yourself & let us know in the comment section how many numbers of bars or internet percentage get increased while using these DIY signal boosters.

FAQs Related To DIY WiFi Antenna Booster

Do DIY Wi-Fi signal boosters really work?

Wireless technology gets more advanced in the last few years. If your router does not support your WiFi connection & most of your devices struggle with the low internet. Then it is high time to upgrade your router & it is worth considering buying a new WiFi signal booster.

Can I make a homemade WiFi antenna?

Yes, you can make your own Wifi antenna at home by using a few household supplies. To avoid or remove the range issues completely you can create your own homemade antenna that can speed up your wireless connection. You will be amazed by seeing the results.

Does WiFi boosters increase Internet speed instantly?

Yes, Wi-Fi Boosters can increase the internet connection speed instantly. As your Wifi connection can be slow if there is a lot of distance between the wireless device & router. Signal Booster extends those signals to provide your devices a better internet connection through the router. After that, you will never complain about connection.

Which is the better WiFi repeater or extender?

Yes, there is a lot of difference between both the devices. WiFi extenders are devices that try to extend the range of internet signals to cover a large area of a network which helps every device to get the proper range. On the other side WiFi repeaters are used to broadcast signals again & again where the strength of the signal is weak. Basically, it works on the strength of the signal, not the range.

How far will a WiFi booster reach?

The answer is around 2,500ft. A basic router can only extend its internet range within a limited area of about 150ft (depends on how strong your router is).  But with the extra help of boosters, repeaters & extenders whatever you prefer to say can increase the range up to 2,500ft.

Where do you place a WiFi booster?

Many people ask where should they place their Wifi router to get the maximum range of the internet signal? We suggest placing the signal booster halfway between the WiFi router & a wireless device. As the signal booster should be kept in the range of the Wifi router. If you use a different location every single time then try to keep the booster near the router.

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