Customize the T-Shirt Designs for a Classy Look


Do you want to stand out from the crowd by printing the best t-shirt design for your everyday wear? Or promote your brand with unique logo t-shirt designs?

Well, creating the best t-shirt design online is very easy and convenient. By just investing a few hours on the laptop and choosing the images with good resolution, you can come up with your own customized graphic t-shirt design ideas and flaunt it with so much pride.

We understand if you’re confused about how to begin and how and where to get graphic t-shirt design ideas. However, the internet is filled with so many ideas and suggestions that anyone is bound to get confused.

So, to make things easier, we are reviewing how you can create your own customized t-shirt designs for a classy look.

The Ultimate Guide for T-Shirt Design Ideas

T-shirt design ideas aren’t just limited to your everyday wear. Sometimes, you need to create merchandise for promotional purposes, while others may need custom-made t-shirts for your employees.

Whatever the reason, you cannot log on to your computer and start designing. There are rules to follow if you’d like to ensure your hard work won’t go to waste. The following are some of the best custom t-shirt design printing tips from the experts.

1. Pick the perfect T-shirt design size

Many believe that size doesn’t matter while creating custom t-shirt designs. But it is the most critical factor to get the best-quality output.

One common mistake most designers make is setting the size to Standard, which is usually very large for most consumers. The size of the design also depends on the garment’s quality, the purpose of the t-shirt, and the attributes of the design itself.

One pro tip we can suggest here is that, when designing a t-shirt using certain graphic elements like squares or circles, keep the size as small as possible. This way, your design looks more intricate. Also, keep the entire surface area of the print in perspective when designing, not just the width and height of the t-shirt.

2. Adjust the Placement of the design

Print placement isn’t the same as print location. It is the exact measurement of where you will print the design within the print location.

If you have a unique design placement in mind, you must reconsider its reasons. For example, many designers mistakenly print the design right in the middle of the t-shirt which doesn’t look flattering.

If you have chosen a standard placement for your print, you must ensure that it will work on all the different sizes of the t-shirts you might be printing on. One suggestion is to use a t-shirt design maker at home and print on paper before you start printing on the t-shirts.

This way, you will know how the design will look on the surface, and you can go ahead with the printing.

3. Focus on Typography and Fonts

Typography is an artistic representation of words, whereas font is the style of words you represent it in. Therefore, it is typography every time you display words in a visual form on any digital or physical surface.

In graphic t-shirt designs, words are placed artistically on the surface to look pleasing, along with other design elements. We feel that when you design custom t-shirts you should pay more attention to typography because it makes a statement.

This comes in handy when you’re creating a logo t-shirt design. Make sure the letters are spaced correctly and can be noticed in a single glance. The readers should not have to pay too much attention to understand what is written.

That is why choosing the correct font is crucial. When your letters are spaced correctly, and the font is readable; your t-shirt will instantly make an impression.

4. Recheck Image Quality

Another imperative measure to take when designing custom-made t-shirts is repeatedly checking the image quality. The design may look excellent digitally, but when printed on the garment there could be pixelation and zero clarity.

The image quality of your design has the power to make or break all your efforts. Unfortunately, low resolution is one of the most common issues printers face with the designs customers submit.

The ideal resolution for the image should be 200dpi. We recommend 300dpi for maximum resolution, but the former is a safe choice. The pictures you come up with on best t-shirt design websites are usually 72dpi, which isn’t appropriate for printing.

You can always resize the images using editing tools to ensure they don’t lose their quality once printed.

5. Choose Colors Carefully

Among all other things, colors also hold a lot of importance if you want your design to stand out. This isn’t just for stunning designs. If you want to have screen printing done, the colors have a chance of losing their vibrancy which is why you must be keen about it.

Also, remember that the more colors you add, the more it will cost you. So, choose a limited but solid color pallet that won’t lose its finish in screen printing. Also, consider the garment color before you start designing.

Your design should be noticeable once it gets printed on the shirt. Go darker on lighter shades and lighter on darker shades. This contrast is sure to add to the quality of your design.

6. Find a Commendable Printing Company

Once you have created your design, it is time to print the t-shirt design; you need a trusted and renowned company to do it.

Do your research and find the best printers in your area—ones with all the tools necessary for printing high-quality images on garments.

You also need to consider all the different printing methods available and decide which approach you would like to opt for. Once that decision is made, find the printing company that delivers the result through that method and get your garments printed.

Final Verdict

So, this is how you can design custom t-shirts for a classy look. Equip yourself with the right t-shirt design tools or a sophisticated t-shirt design maker. However, it is a relatively technical and time-taking process. But as soon as you see the results of your hard work in your hands, you will be thrilled with excitement.

If the existing t-shirt design templates do not satisfy your needs, you can always create your own designs with a little help from pro designers. Practice as much as possible, and you will come up with a design that you truly love.