Which Suit Colors Will Look Best on You? A 2022 Men’s Fashion Guide


Everyone loves a man in a suit, but that doesn’t mean that suits are a one-size-fits-all deal. There’s a meager chance that you’ll find the perfect suit at the first retail store you go to. A great suit requires the perfect fit, but the colors you choose are as important.

Look sharp and make a great first impression with the top suit colors of 2022. Here are some trending colors in suit fashion for every occasion.

How to Choose a Suit

Before choosing the perfect suit colors, you first need to find a base suit. Here’s are some things to consider when choosing a suit:


There are all types of suits for every occasion, whether a wedding or a reunion. Each may require different etiquette and appeal to various color palettes. Fashion stylists suggest wearing dark-colored suits on formal occasions and light on semi-formal.

Standing Out From the Crowd

Most men opt for the standard colors black, gray, and navy blue to wear. However, if you want to stand out, you need to go out of your comfort zone.

Some striking suit colors are green, red, and brown in any shade. Look bolder and more charismatic with these suits.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone is an essential factor in choosing a suit color. Some colors can enhance your features, and some can wash you out. First, identify your skin complexion.

The best colors for dark-skinned men are light-colored attire provides the perfect contrast. Dark-colored suits fit fair-skinned gents to strengthen their features. Olive-skinned men enjoy more suit colors.

Broaden Your Choices

Once you have a solid idea of what you want, you may start finalizing your decisions. Here are some usual and unusual suit colors to choose from:

The Standard – Black, Charcoal Gray, and Navy Blue

Black, charcoal gray, and navy blues are standard for a business suit. You can wear these colors to formal events, such as weddings. However, not all skin types can wear these suit colors.

Black suits fit all skin types. However, experts don’t recommend too fair or too dark complexion wear black. It can wash out too fair-skinned, and it appears flat with too dark-skinned.

Charcoal gray and navy blue complement well with olive and fair complexions. Dark-skinned men must opt for a light shade of gray or blue for the perfect contrast.

The Bold Colors – Baby Blue, Olive, and Burgundy

Baby blue, olive, and burgundy are the perfect colors for semi-formal events. These shades aren’t ideal in a work setting as they can make you appear overdressed.

Olive and dark skin types suit baby blue and burgundy color. The shades can make fair-skinned men look pale. Olive suit color complements fair and dark complexion.

The Earth Tones – Brown, Tan, and Khaki

Brown, tan, khaki, and other earth tones are suit colors for a formal and casual setting. It offers a sophisticated and sleek appearance. You can wear these shades at work or at gatherings.

Tan and khaki are better suited for medium and dark-skinned men as it complements their complexion. A fair skin type fits a brown shade to enhance features.

Determine the Suit Colors Best on You

The clothes you wear represent you and your personality. With this, it’s vital to determine the suit colors that look best on you. Wearing the right color enhances your physical attributes.

It makes you look professional and blend well on occasions, too. Find your best color to upgrade your suit fashion. For more news on the latest men’s fashion trends, check out our other blog posts.