Why Now is the Best Time to Get a Healthcare Management Degree


There’s a reason why the job outlook for medical managers is expected to rise by 32% over the next decade. These professionals work hard to keep healthcare facilities organized and running smoothly.

If you’re looking for a career calling, there are many reasons you should look into getting a healthcare management degree. In this article, we’ll go over precisely what healthcare management entails.

We’ll also discuss some of the reasons why you should consider getting into it. That way, you can decide if these types of jobs are the right fit for you. Let’s get started!

What is Healthcare Management?

Before we dive into the reasons to get a healthcare management degree, it’s essential to first understand what positions come in this field.

Healthcare management is an administrative and organizational role in the healthcare industry. Regardless of your position, you’ll likely be doing things like organizing a budget, staffing, and filing healthcare records.

Typically, most positions won’t have you working directly with patients. Instead, you’ll be behind the scenes ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

That being said, there are some roles where you need to work with patients to sort out either the billing or insurance information. It’s also crucial to note that health management isn’t a specific position but rather an area of study.

With this type of degree, you could potentially land any of the following healthcare management jobs:

  • Healthcare department manager
  • Healthcare finance manager
  • Quality and improvement manager
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Physician practice manager
  • Clinical director
  • Health coordinator
  • Nursing home facilitator
  • Public health educator

The correct position for you will depend on what your skills are. For example, if you’re good with numbers, then a healthcare finance manager would be a good role for you.

Similarly, if you like working with a team, consider being a healthcare department manager.

A Lot of Openings

As we mentioned at the start of the article, the job demand for healthcare managers is growing at three times the national average for job growth. But why is this?

It’s because healthcare clinics and hospitals are rapidly changing. New technologies, regulations, and laws are shaking up the way things are traditionally done.

So, there’s a huge demand for professionals that can take hold of this system and run it effectively. As you can see from our last selection, there is no shortage of job positions to choose from with a healthcare management degree.

So, if you earn a degree, you can feel safe knowing there will always be employment for you if you choose to accept it. Not many other degrees can boast that fact.

Good Salary

The pay for these positions is excellent too. If you rise through the ranks and become a healthcare administrator, you can easily earn over $100,000 per year.

However, keep in mind that your specific salary will likely be determined by both your education level and personal experience. Still, even entry-level healthcare managers earn roughly $56,000 per year.

That’s well above the national average in terms of salary. Just remember that a good healthcare management salary does come with a lot of work and responsibilities.

Community Impact

A healthcare manager’s role isn’t limited to the hospital or clinic that they work at. Often you will see healthcare managers out in the world working with community leaders.

This could include roles like crafting a public health initiative with them or coordinating the budget for a new hospital. Wherever you work, you’ll likely train and schedule medical staff to make their lives easier.

And, occasionally, you’ll be needed to sort out billing and insurance information with patients. In this way, you’re truly the glue that connects everyone on their healthcare journey.

Whether small or large, you’re sure to make some form of community impact with this role.

Emotionally Rewarding

The final reason to consider healthcare management is the emotional reward. Most managers report high levels of job satisfaction. It’s not hard to see why.

You get to see the difference you’re making every day with this job. Whether it’s the healthcare staff you’re helping or the community programs you’re involved in, there’s something emotionally rewarding about making lives easier.

However, don’t think that it means the job will be easy. There will be hard days. But, even during a difficult time, the knowledge that you’re making a difference can give you the strength to keep going.

What Type of Degree Does It Require?

If you want a healthcare management degree, you will first need a bachelor’s degree. The specific major that you choose for your degree is up to you.

Some relevant ones include health services management and health administration. However, some other majors will also be acceptable, like nursing administration or business administration.

Whatever major you choose, you should ensure that the degree program is accredited by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration. Why?

Because certain employers and graduate schools will only accept candidates from this program, with a bachelor’s degree, you’re ready to start employment.

But, if you want to rise through the ranks or score a higher-paying position, you might want to consider getting a master’s degree. Specifically, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Management.

This type of program can be completed in around twenty months. Best of all, you can earn an online healthcare MBA. So, it’s an excellent option for people with busy schedules or individuals that can’t commute easily.

Enjoy Learning About a Healthcare Management Degree? Keep Reading

Hopefully, this article helped convince you that it’s time to get a healthcare management degree. It’s the perfect position for people that enjoy staying organized.

So, if this is something you excel at, you’re sure to do well in this type of position. We hope you found this guide informative. Keep exploring to learn more about subjects like this on our website.