Why is AWS dominating the market?


AWS or Amazon Web Services is among the biggest and most popular cloud service providers apart from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. It is among the most dominant providers in the industry.

Both MNCs and small businesses and start-ups have been adopting the cloud to collect their data, store it, and process it, if they have not adopted it already. To learn in detail about this, you must enroll in an online AWS Training.

One of the main reasons why it is leading even after having such tough and popular competitors is because of the range of unique services and products it has to offer. But this is not all. There are several other reasons why AWS leads the market. So, let us dive right in and discuss some of the numerous reasons why AWS is dominating the market, or more specifically the Cloud Computing domain.

Head Start Over Its Competitors

Amazon started out as Merchant.com, an e-commerce organization that allowed third-party vendors and merchants to develop their own online shopping websites. Unfortunately, Amazon found it extremely difficult to create an organized environment in order to separate all its services. Later, Amazon evolved and became a public cloud provider offering a range of services.

Programmers used to build various apps and perform tests with the help of AWS. Soon, the client base of AWS started to increase, and new unique features and servers were introduced in AWS. AWS kept introducing new services at lower costs and continued to gain more customers.

AWS was among the first cloud service providers that led the market before other major organizations and MNCs, like Google and Microsoft, launched similar products and services. Besides, even though Microsoft Azure was launched only a few years later, it failed to provide the same services at a similar cost and use its resources efficiently.

Constant Cost Reduction

AWS is still on top of the cloud ladder because the price of its services and products drop constantly. It makes huge chunks of investment in order to expand its network horizon, which is another significant reason why it leads the cloud market. The more AWS expands its network, the higher goes its economic scale that allows AWS to provide a range of services to the customers at a lower cost.

Further, with an increase in the number of clients, AWS gains the capability to generate and gain more funds which can again be allocated to expand the network further and offer more reduced prices to the customers. The cost reduction benefit gives AWS an edge over its competitors.

Latest Innovations and Infrastructure

In the beginning, AWS was an infrastructure platform that allowed users to create and test apps. Currently, AWS has over 1 million users, including some of the major companies like Airbnb and Netflix. Due to the huge customer base of AWS, it has comparatively better visions of using the cloud services than most vendors. This allows AWS to always stay one step ahead in creating and coming up with new innovations and the latest infrastructure, meeting the customer requirements.

Over the years AWS has transformed from a single third-party platform to a platform for tools, databases, analytics, and developer apps. AWS constantly changes and evolves, not just in storage and computing, but it also expands and innovates in other areas. This full-featured platform with a plethora of services is giving other similar organizations a run for their money.

Google and Microsoft are also two of the most fast-growing companies that have made a place in the current cloud market with their latest technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). However, they are still behind AWS in the chart for top cloud service providers.

Scalable and Fast Solutions

AWS offers fast and scalable solutions that satisfy its customers and gains their loyalty in the long run. Some of the numerous advantages that AWS has over its competitors are as follows:

  • It has a diverse range of customers
  • It comprises a wide range of strategic adoption tools, like e-business hosting and native cloud applications
  • Several organizations and software vendors have implemented AWS to help with their business
  • AWS consists of a plethora of network partners offering expertise in app development and other professional facilities
  • It offers numerous services for IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS

These features and benefits of AWS make it possible for it to find business solutions for numerous challenges. AWS auto-scales can be used to meet the load demands of the consumers and clients rather than having to manage a physical unit to store large volumes of business data. It also allows organizations to manage the number of servers that add or remove based on the load. Further, AWS auto-scaling assists companies to detect an unstable server and assists in terminating it and replacing it by launching another server.

AWS Leads the Current Cloud Market

With these features and services that AWS has to offer, among several others, it is no wonder that AWS dominates the cloud market. Moreover, to stay ahead of its rivals, AWS keeps updating and adding new features that allow the customers to keep coming back to it rather than going for assistance from Microsoft or Google. So, if you aim to pursue a career in the cloud, you must take up a course in AWS and get a head start in your career in this domain.