What’s That Sound? How to Know if Something Is Wrong With Your Engine


There’s nothing that Americans go crazy for more than cars. Americans bought more than 2.5 million passenger cars in 2020.

One reason for the high number is that cars often break down. Your car engine should last for years, yet many engines encounter problems.

What do strange noises coming out of your engine mean? Is it ever okay that your engine produces smoke? What should you do if the engine light flickers on?

Answer these questions and you can fix your engine and run your car for thousands of miles. Here is your quick guide.

Strange Noises

A noise coming from your car engine is always a bad sign. But don’t panic when you start to hear something. Take a deep breath and listen to what the sound is like.

If you hear a knocking sound, you may have a loose rod bearing. This is not a big deal. Pull off to the side of the road and use a screwdriver to screw your bearing back into place.

If you hear a squealing noise, you may have a problem with your fan belt. It may be getting loose, so all you have to do is put it back into its former position.

But you may have a problem with a pipe in your engine, which can require extensive repairs. Visit aplustransmission.com and other websites to see who can come to you directly.


Smoke coming out of your tailpipe is never an issue. But if smoke starts coming out of your engine, you need to take immediate action.

White smoke could be water vapor or antifreeze. Your engine may be too hot, releasing a substance as steam. It may be mixing water with fuel, which can indicate a leak.

Blue smoke means that oil is escaping out of your engine. Your car is mixing gasoline and engine oil together, which can damage your entire vehicle. You should take your car in for repair right away.

Do not drive your car while the engine is smoking. Find an area where you can call someone and step away from the smoke. If you must approach your vehicle, do so with a damp rag across your face.

The Car Engine Light

Your car engine light can come on for all sorts of reasons. A car engine shaking can pull a wire and cause the light to switch on. You may need to stabilize your vehicle and avoid bumpy roads.

But you may have a spark plug that has been damaged or worn down. A sensor in your engine may have failed, or the temperature may be rising rapidly. The only way you can know what problem you have is by calling a repair company.

What to Know About Your Car Engine

Your car engine can have many problems. A knocking sound may require a minor fix, while a squealing sound requires advanced measures.

Smoke coming out of the front of your vehicle is a sign of concern. Call someone for help and back away from the smoke. If you hear no noises coming from your engine, it may be hard to understand why your light has come on.

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