What You Can Do to Stand Out From Other Project Managers In a Virtual Setting


Working in a virtual setting comes with plenty of learning opportunities. Managing a project in a virtual setting is a different beast altogether. While your staff may have room to adjust to the challenges of virtual work, you’re faced with the pressure to overcome every obstacle and achieve every objective. Being a project manager is difficult enough in an office environment, and when your team is all working remotely, it’s even harder.

How can you be successful, dominate the virtual workplace, and lead your team to the top? It all starts with your image, and custom Zoom office backgrounds offer the professional appearance you need to succeed.

Professional Zoom Backgrounds

Your custom Zoom virtual background is the key to standing out. If you’re working in a virtual environment, you’re probably scheduling daily meetings with clients, supervisors, stakeholders, and other project managers. Do you want to stand out from other project managers and make a name for yourself in the virtual office setting?

Of course you do, and a custom virtual office background is the best way to do so. Everybody will remember the project manager who logged onto a video call with a professional-looking background behind them. Professional Zoom backgrounds make a great impression every time.

If you’re having a hard time installing your custom background, you should check to ensure that your computer is in compliance with all Zoom background requirements.

In some cases, Zoom may not allow you to install a custom background if your software version is not up to date or your operating system needs to be updated. If this happens, though, there is usually a simple fix, and you may even be able to implement a workaround if you aren’t able to install an update.

Inclusive Immersive Backgrounds for Your Team

One of the best new features added to Zoom in recent years is the ability to enable Immersive View for meetings with multiple attendees. Immersive View allows the meeting administrator to manage the meeting participants and organize them in front of a unique background image.

Zoom offers several default backgrounds to choose from, including a few that look like an office or a classroom, but you can take your Immersive View meetings to the next level with a custom background that’s designed just for your team. Make everybody feel included by creating a background with a spot for every team member.

Some ideas for creative backgrounds include cubicles with a seat for every meeting participant. You can also set up a boardroom scene and ensure that everybody has a seat at the desk.

These backgrounds aren’t just a fun tool for creating an inclusive environment, though — they’re also a great motivator to keep your team members engaged and maintain communication even in a virtual environment. When you’re trying to oversee a project with a remote team, these aspects can be essential.

Stand out from other project managers when you create a custom virtual office background image for your next team meeting Zoom call.