What was the iconic dress that the Panthers wire?

Iconic dress that the Panthers wire

The Panthers wire wore a white dress with a black piping design comprising the neckline, cuffs, and hem. Unique appearance caught the eye of the viewers at the fashion show in London and soon became the topic of discussion worldwide.

The iconic dress had various emotions connected to it that people noticed and expressed openly. Some believe the dress represents the group’s uniform. It symbolizes the commitment to justice, self-determination, and freedom.


Since humans started designing clothes, we have seen many trends in the fashion industry popping up from nowhere and soon becoming part of the lifestyle.

The black panther uniform is often used with the black leather belt and matching boots. Similarly, the beret was part of the uniform. It was widely accepted in late 1960. Besides that, sunglasses and a black T-shirt are to complete the look.

The attire represents the unity, strength, and power to deal with the problematic situation. The uniform is accepted because it is easy to wear. It doesn’t require helping hands to wear the clothes. Also, a simple-looking design makes the person look gentle.

Additionally, the dress’s cost is affordable, making it easy for the masses to adopt the trend quickly. Slowly the spread of the words in the larger community has developed a sense of commitment in the person who wears those dresses. People had created the feeling of justice and equality in society.


The design of the dress was first introduced by the renowned British Fashion designer Christopher. The black panther party wore the dress. It was the year 1968 when people saw the iconic dress. Soon after that, everyone started looking for a similar dress, and it became the iconic symbol in the region.

The dress has an asymmetrical hemline with long sleeves and a high neckline. On top of it, the oversized belt was part of the accessory. It had metal links to it to attach the belt. The belt gave a military-inspired look which was highly appreciated at that time.

The dress stands eye-catching and practical as well. Comfort was taken into consideration, which made the lightweight clothing made of pure cotton more enticing.

Furthermore, the dress does not limit your actions and gives you the freedom to move your hands and legs without any restriction freely. It developed a sense of strength and power in the people who wear those dresses for the first time.

As people found it more comfortable to wear, they recommended to others the features that helped the dress increase popularity among the masses. Many people quickly adopted the fashion trend and became the symbol of pride, unity, and strength in the community.

The member of the Black Panther Party dressed found a connection between their thoughts and belief system. As the trend was going on in the region, many famous activists supported the dress by wearing it at public events. Activists have shown their support by wearing the dress throughout the year.

How did the panther’s wire get its name?

The iconic dress has an inspiring story behind the name Panther’s Wire selection. Earlier, the dress was called “Panther get dressed.” The design Katherine Hamnett haves first came of the name.

In the year 1934, the dress was designed to wear in the exhibition, which is present-day known as Paintings in London. The model had a nude silhouette, which was constructed from the clothes. The model was hired to wear the panther dress.

The dress design reveals the power and strength of modern women. The color of the cloth was dyed black. Women’s access to society was limited; thus, the dress was designed to empower women and make them feel more substantial.

What are alternatives to the panther’s cord dress?

The panthers cord dress still holds its iconic popularity in the fashion industry if you are looking for alternatives to the Panthers cord dress style when there are plenty of outfits out there that are inspired by the original Panthers cord dresses.

For instance, the dress is crafted from wool or silk with extra modern-day widely known as Geisha Dress. The Geisha dress is designed from silk fabric with lace overlay.

Add jeans and an oversized shirt if you want a more casual appearance. The clothes should be comfortable; otherwise, you cannot carry them properly. Your mental comfort is essential to make your look beautiful. Thus, choose the dress that keeps you confident and powerful.

Conclusion on what was the iconic dress that the Panthers wire?

As soon as the panther dress went viral, the cost of the dress rose suddenly. The limited edition of the dress was costing around £1,000. It was created with fine cotton, Lycra, and High-quality silk. The original Panther dress was never made of black fabric. It was always black dye on the white fabric to achieve the unique black shade on the cloth.

After several decades of dominance, the iconic panther dress was finally discontinued in 2007.

Recently, the fashion street has again re-launched the style of the original panther dress with new design elements consisting of different prints and variations.