What to Do With Sawdust from Stump Grinding


You’ve just had a tree stump ground down – and now part of your front yard is a mess of sawdust. You might be left wondering how in the world to get it all up and what you should do with it.

According to Conserve Energy Future, sawdust is perfect for the compost pile – if you have one. Composting might be one of the most popular uses for sawdust. But what if you don’t compost?

Here are some stump grinding tips for making sawdust clean-up easier and some ideas for what to do with sawdust from stump grinding.

How to Easily Clean Up Sawdust From Your Yard

Most tree service companies will clean up the stump grinding sawdust and woodchips for a cost. But if you have the right tools to grind stumps on your property, such as these stump grinders from Fecon, you’ll also want to grab a shovel and a rake. These are the easiest tools for scooping up sawdust.

Use the rake to get the sawdust up out of the grass so you can scoop it up with the shovel. If the mess is close to the driveway or sidewalk, rake it onto the concrete, where it will be easiest to scoop.

Scoop the sawdust into a 5-gallon bucket or some other container to store it until you get a chance to use it for one of the following ideas.

What To Do With Sawdust From Stump Grinding

You can do so many things with sawdust other than dumping it in a landfill. Try this stump grinding advice on sawdust uses.

Fill the Hole From the Stump

Mix the sawdust with soil to fill the hole from the stump. This likely won’t use up all the sawdust, but you need to fill the whole with something unless you intend to plant something in its place.

Use the Sawdust As Mulch

Like any type of mulch, sawdust retains moisture and helps prevent weeds. It also looks good as a landscaping material.

Make Fire Starters for Your Firepit

Pack sawdust into the compartments of a cardboard egg carton and then fill each with melted wax and allow it to cool. Break them off as you need them. You can also burn excess sawdust in your fire pit if you have no other use for it.

Create a Natural Footpath or Walkway

You’ll eventually have to replace your sawdust walkway with mulch or some other material, just as you have to replace the mulch in your planters every so often. It will wash away over time.

Clean Up Garage Spills

Sawdust is very absorbent and will soak up oil and other spills. Afterward, you can then just scoop up and throw away the sawdust and the mess.

Don’t Simply Send the Sawdust to the Landfill

Now that you have some ideas for what to do with sawdust from stump grinding, what will you do with the sawdust mess in your yard? Sure, you can clean it up and toss it in the trash, or you can use one of these creative ways to put it to use.

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