What Luxury Vinyl Flooring Looks Like: Optimize Your Home


Did you know that improvements to your home can increase its value by up to 70%? A kitchen remodel gives you a 72% ROI, while bathroom remodels give 60%. Even the small changes you make, like replacing old floor tiles, make a lot of difference. Floor tiles aren’t only decorative, but they give your home a whole new look that increases its value.

But what kind of floor tiles should you choose?

If you’re looking for an upgrade, try luxury vinyl tile, or LVT. Luxury vinyl flooring is popular in the flooring industry, and there are a lot of reasons to use it in your next home renovation. Despite their name, LVT tiles are really not that expensive; they just look luxurious if added to any home.

You can install LVT tile for a shower, create a tiled kitchen backsplash, or new flooring in your home. But how do you get it to look even better? If you’d like to know how luxury vinyl flooring stacks up against other choices, keep reading.

What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring makes the most of vinyl’s capabilities with cutting-edge technology. Using one will help you prevent any prevalent flooring issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Water and stains
  • Rips and tears
  • Scratches

It is then of now onder why luxury vinyl tiles so popular among homeowners.

There is a variety of LVT tiles you can choose from, but don’t get too overwhelmed. There’s always one for every room in your house. That’s what most homeowners like about them. They are also thinner, warmer, and more sound-insulating than concrete or porcelain tiles. If you can’t add a lot of depth to an existing floor, this is a bonus.

LVT flooring is the ideal blend of everything a commercial flooring product should be. You can find styles that look like natural materials, such as stone or wood, with  luxury vinyl tile flooring. Not only that but it’s also perfect for commercial settings. With luxury vinyl tile, you don’t have to give up premium designs just because of practicality.

LVT flooring has several layers to assure you that it has the highest clarity and quality. The layers of LVT tiles are as follows:

  • An LVT floor has a strong locking system. They pile and turn three layers of backing. The base is then created by using the hot press technique to fuse it all together.
  • Print Design Layer. Each luxury vinyl plank and tile has a colored and textured design. They are inspired by real photographic film design.
  • Wear Layer. To make any LVT flooring more durable, manufacturers put a wear layer on its surface.

Creating LVT flooring is a long and meticulous process. But, it helps the tiles be more sturdy and look like natural materials. Most businesses use the hot press technique to create luxury vinyl tiles. This craftsmanship level makes the highest-quality LVT flooring on the market possible.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Ideas For You

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is starting to make its way into modern homes. This flooring material creates a cozy environment in your home. If you’re planning on using this flooring for your next project, go over some flooring ideas we compiled for you. This will help you choose the right style and type of LVT as well as visualize how it will look in your room.

1. LVT Tile Colors

These tiles come in different colors, so you don’t have to worry about picking out your favorite. Below, we’ve set out a guide for you to choose the right colors for your house.

  • This neutral vinyl tile allows you to experiment with any color scheme. You can start with monochromatic tones and work your way up to black and white and vibrant, strong colors. It is a fashionable and refined choice that can bring out the bright colors around it.
  • This vinyl tile color compliments a lot of interior styles and color palettes. This color of luxury vinyl adds elegance to every space in your house. Beige looks fantastic with cool colors. So try a grey or blue color if you’re seeking paint alternatives to go with beige luxury vinyl.
  • For a more dramatic flair, go for a dark brown color; and for a more subdued appearance, stay with a lighter brown. It is the best option for frequent décor changes. Or if you’re trying to incorporate a lot of old furniture, try a neutral brown color like tan or sand.

 If you have plans to sell your home, choosing a neutral hue is also a good option. Any buyer would prefer a neutral hue to other colors.  It would add not only value to your home, but also be a choice you’d adore for years and one that matches most people’s personal asthetics.

2. LVT Tile Layout and Patterns

Aside from colors, you also get to choose different flooring layouts and patterns. Each one gives your room a different look and feel. The luxury vinyl tile flooring does not need any extra cuts to install flooring patterns. However, you need to consider if each layout and pattern fits the look you’re going for.

Grid Pattern

The grid pattern is a universal design that you can use for planks, squares, and rectangular tiles. Sometimes called “stock-bond”, the tiles in this pattern are stacked either horizontally or vertically.

Offset Pattern

Much like the grid pattern, this one is also a common design for homeowners. You can use this on both planks and tiles, where you offset them by half the width. While planks give a more modern look, most people use this pattern with rectangular tiles.

Stagger Pattern


To achieve the stagger pattern, you’d need to put the tiles on opposing sides of the centerline. You can also use two or three colors for this pattern, but make sure they match.

Random Pattern

You can create this one by placing luxury vinyl tile flooring in any sequence for no specific reason. This style is adaptable for every room you’ll be renovating. You can also use it for a single or different color scheme.

3. LVT Tile Looks

It’s not surprising to find different looks now that luxury vinyl tile is popular. Transform your home from drab to fab with these LVT tile ideas:

Stone Look

This look makes any living area more appealing because of how realistic it looks. It’s best installed to match your kitchen backsplash or update your shower tile.

Wood Look

Go for a blonde wood finish if you prefer a lighter and airier aesthetic. This vinyl tile is your best choice to achieve a more modern look for your kitchen. It also complements the modern farmhouse design.

Concrete Look

Vinyl tiles also come in concrete looks, perfect for both modern and historic home styles. This LVT look is adaptable and durable. That means you can use it for a fashionable and functional bathroom floor or an industrial living area.

4. LVT Tile Textures

You can find different LVT tile looks, but some also differ in their texture. Here are some LVT tile textures for you to consider:


This vinyl tile makes your house look upscale and ageless. It’s perfect for farmhouse and industrial kitchens, and if you’re going for a rustic look.

Wire Brushed

This luxury vinyl tile gives your floor character without making it look unfinished.


Distressed vinyl tiles have intentional burns, gouges, and scrapes. It looks almost historic. This luxury vinyl tile intends to give your floor personality.

Upgrade Your Home With an LVT Tile

The best luxury vinyl flooring for your home may be a combination of several types. You can’t go wrong with these types of floor tiles. The more time you put into finding the right one, the happier you will be. Your family will thank you for all your hard work when they see how you upgraded the look and feel of your home finally turns out to be with LVT tiles.