What Is the Process of Selling a Car?


Did you know that the average age of a car in the U.S. is over 12 years? If your car’s getting old and creaky, you might be eager to replace it. But before you welcome home a new vehicle, you’ll want to unload your old one.

The process of selling a car might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Stay with us to learn what you need to do!

Get Your Essential Documents Ready

Before you list your car anywhere, get your paperwork ready. You’ll need your car’s title, vehicle history report, and the bill of sale. These documents will confirm that you own the car legally, and you may want to reach out to your local DMV to ensure that you’re not overlooking anything else.

You’ll need to hand over these documents at the point of sale. It’s also a good practice to offer the owner’s manual and any repair records.

Give Your Car a Makeover

While you don’t have to invest in repairing a bruised bumper or dents on the hood, you should give your car a cosmetic refresh. This includes wiping down the seats and vacuuming the interior. Plan on washing and waxing your car, as well.

You don’t need to replace tires or deal with a troublesome transmission. But you should disclose any potential safety problems or costly investments to a potential buyer.

Understand the Options for Selling Your Car

The car selling process offers several ways to market your car and attract interest. For an easy option, you can turn to flyers and ads in your local newspaper.

Consider posting your car on social media platforms, complete with details on its condition. Or turn to online platforms, such as bidlane.com, to get an offer quickly.

And when it comes to car selling tips, a big one is to set a fair price for your car. Look up its make, model, and year online to see what other cars like it go for.

Price your car higher if it’s in good condition and it’s a seller’s market. Go lower if you’re hoping to make a quick sale!

Be Cautious with Potential Customers

When someone’s expressed interest in your car, find a public space where they can evaluate the car. Better yet, bring a friend with you. For payment, ask for online payments or a cashier’s check to keep the transaction safe.

There’s a good chance a customer will want to take a test drive. Check with your insurance company to confirm that a test driver will be covered. In addition, photograph the driver’s license as a precautionary measure.

Finally, be sure to remove any indications of your personal information on repair records or other documents you give a new owner. Look for credit card numbers, in particular.

Know the Process of Selling a Car

Make the process of selling a car a little easier by being prepared. Clean your car and investigate platforms for selling a used car. Get your car’s title and vehicle history report ready, and be prepared to handle payments safely.

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