What happens if you don’t pay your e-challans?


The number of online vehicle challans has risen dramatically after implementing the Motor Vehicle Act 2019. Many states witnessed massive challenges issued to commuters when the act was first implemented; for example, in Odisha, a challenge for INR 59,000 was issued for tractors, and an INR 6.5 challenge was issued for just a truck driver.

When a passenger receives an e-challan online, they frequently have various things to ask! Some people want to know when they can pay off their e-challan, while others want to know what they should do if their challan is still pending in court, challan status enquiry can also be made online.

If you have a challan pending in court and have not paid it within the specified time frame, you may face the following consequences:

Paying a challan in person

If you have a challan pending in court, you will need to pay it in person. Even if you obtain a challan on the spot and do not pay it off promptly, it is transferred to the court, where you can settle it. If the challan time limit is over, a court order about your outstanding challan is usually issued.

Pay the fine to the traffic cops

If you haven’t had a chance to pay your e-challan online, you can locate traffic cops to finish paying your pending challan. Remember that no traffic cop has the authority to force you to pay a fee.

Cops can only stop you if they witness you breaking the law on the road, but no one has the authority to take your driver’s license or automobile documentation or to force you to pay a challan at the moment.

Insurance-based payment

The government is experimenting with a new method of recovering an individual’s e-challan sum from their insurance. If a person cannot pay their challan promptly, the pending voice challan might be retrieved when their insurance is renewed.

According to sources, the Regulatory Insurance Authority of India (IRDA) has started preliminary work on the project. It will be trialed in Delhi, and if it succeeds and reduces the number of pending challans in court, it will be implemented across the country.

How can you protect yourself against pending court challans?

You can pay your e-challan online with Park+ to avoid the bother of late e-challan payment, which might result in rounds of the court or summoning.

1st step: Download the Park+ app or visit the Park+ website.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Challan tab’ and type your vehicle’s license plate number.

Step 3: Select ‘Update’ and then ‘Update Now.’

Step 4: Click on ‘Acquire challan details’ to get the most up-to-date information on your e-challan.

Step 5: After you’ve corrected your challan details, click ‘Pay dues’ to pay off your challan balance.

It’s that easy, and it keeps you out of trouble with the courts if you pay your e-challan late.

This is what happens when you do not pay challans online. To Know more about labor charge, click here.