What Are the Benefits of Getting Piercings That I Should Know About?


Did you know that children can start getting their ears pierced at as little as 2 months old?

Many parents pierce their children’s ears while they are young to forget the pain. However, sometimes piercings aren’t always painful.

If you suffer from headaches, chronic pain, or anxiety, piercings could actually provide you with relief.

Continue reading to discover some of the largest benefits of getting piercings on your body!

Migraine Relief

One of the biggest reasons people are getting piercings is to prevent pain from migraines.

Getting body modifications on your daith, which is inside of your outer ear, can help. The daith is a pressure point that is found on the innermost fold of the ear and has helped people with chronic migraines.

Most people notice a change in their migraines within a few weeks of getting their daith pierced. Since this can be a slightly painful piercing, you will need to account for the time it takes to heal. Hoop and bar earrings are the best style to wear in this location.

Relax Muscles

The best piercing for muscle tension is on the conch of the ear, where it spirals.

Conch piercings have been known to reduce chronic muscle pain and tension. With this type of piercing, you should buy hoop jewelry that wraps around your ear. Studded earrings also work, however, the backings can stab behind your ears.

If you have tried other types of treatment for chronic pain and muscles, with no luck, you should consider this piercing. Unfortunately, the conch is made up of cartilage, which can be painful to pierce through. It helps to take an OTC pain reliever before getting the piercing and applying ice afterward.

Many athletes get this type of ear piercing since it doesn’t interfere with sports and improves muscle recovery.

Increase Confidence

For a long time, people removed their piercings for jobs, thinking that they made them look unprofessional.

Time has changed and piercings are much more than a fashion statement. They can give you confidence and cover up insecurities while helping you heal at the same time. When you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside, everything feels possible.

If you want high-quality jewelry, bodypiercejewelry.com has you covered. You can select a variety of styles to match your personality and show sparkle. With a touch of color, you can feel confident and love the way that you look.

Finding unique types of jewelry for your piercings will also improve your confidence and help you find a style that’s your own.

Improve Allergies

Do you suffer from severe seasonal allergies and do medications give you no relief?

Getting a helix piercing can help you breathe a little better during the season changes. The helix is another cartilage piercing that can be painful to recover from. Fortunately, it only takes a few days for piercings like this to start healing.

The helix is on the top of the outermost ear. People that get this piercing have improvements in their allergy symptoms such as sore throats and congestion.

It is thought that this point gets the blood flowing more efficiently, which increases your body’s response to healing. When your body has a better defense system, it can quickly tackle allergens.

Prevent Aging

At the top of the innermost ear, you will find the front helix-piercing location.

The front helix also increases blood flow and circulation. With increased bloodflow, skin cells can regenerate and heal. People have been getting this piercing to prevent signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

The blood circulation prevents wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet from producing. Whether you are already showing signs of aging or want to use this as a preventative measure, you are sure to see results.

Reduce Anxiety

The tragus piercing is in front of the ear canal and it can help reduce anxiety.

People with generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD get their tragus pierced since it can help with their body’s responses. Since the body wants to go into fight or flight mode with anxiety, you need to control this reaction. The piercing in this location stimulates nerves that interact with these responses.

It’s common for people to play with their tragus jewelry when they are feeling anxious. Not only does this help with acupuncture points, but it also acts as a distraction during distress.

Another piercing that can help reduce anxiety is in the rook. The rook piercing is located next to the front helix. The acupuncture point interacts with the master cerebral, which helps you respond to situations.

Regulate Hormones

A newer type of body modification that people are using to regulate hormones is ear seeding.

Ear seeding involves implanting tiny beads on the surface of the skin, typically the ear. Adhesive helps keep these beads on the skin and they stimulate pressure points that can help regulate hormones.

This is a wonderful solution for women going through post-partum and menopause. Not only are these little beads cute and colorful, but they can even improve the nervous system!

Find Your Excuse for Getting Piercings

If you enjoy getting piercings and need a reason to get another, you should consider your health.

Health conditions can often get treated through acupuncture, which is similar to piercings. Getting a piercing in the right spot can help you with a variety of ailments, all while making you feel more confident. You can show off your personality and treat conditions without anyone knowing.

Don’t be afraid to get a piercing, just breathe and focus on the healing that is yet to come.

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