What Are Speaker Drivers? 4 Tips You Need to Know


Speakers are one of the most essential parts of any speaker system. These devices do much more than just producing sound, they also transfer it to your ears in an efficient manner.

The speaker driver is responsible for this task and can be found in both home speaker systems as well as professional speaker systems.

This article will explore what speaker drivers are, different types of speaker drivers, and how you can improve your home speaker system using them.

  1. What are Speaker Drivers?

A speaker driver is a device that produces sound. It includes different components, such as the cone and speaker wire, and can be found in both home speaker systems and professional speaker systems.

Speaker drivers are responsible for transferring the sounds to our ears using vibrations of air molecules which we perceive as audible soundwaves.

These speakers move back and forth at high speeds while pushing on the surrounding air particles, thus creating these waves of pressure variations (sound).

The speaker cones studded with magnets receive electrical currents from your audio source, through wires attached to them.

This activates the electromagnet present inside it which creates an opposing magnetic field around itself by its fixed magnetized core.

  1. Why are Home Speaker Drivers Important?

A speaker driver is the most important element of a speaker system.

It converts electrical signals into sound, and without them, you wouldn’t be able to hear anything at all.

This may come as no surprise, but speaker drivers are one of the major components in home speaker systems too. This means that they play an essential role not only when it comes to professional audio equipment, but also for your personal home speaker system.

Home speaker drivers need to be capable of converting low-power energy (from your cell phone) into high-energy waves which can then travel through space and reach our ears with great clarity.

  1. What are the Different Types of Speaker Drivers?

There are two types of speaker drivers: dynamic and planar magnetic.

First, the speaker driver is a device that produces sound using electrical signals from your audio source.

The speaker cone studded with magnets receives this signal through wires attached to them which then activates the electromagnet present inside it creating an opposing magnetic field around itself by its fixed magnetized core.

The dynamic speaker drivers are created when you use permanent magnets in combination with coils on both sides of a diaphragm or voice coil (for increased stability).

These ensure fast response times while also being capable of moving back and forth at high speeds thus producing pressure variations in space resulting in audible sounds for us humans to hear.

  1. How Do You Know When Your Speaker Driver is Damaged?

If your speaker driver is damaged, it won’t sound good and you will hear several distortions in the sounds.

There are many different ways to identify speaker driver problems such as: hearing no sound coming from one of them.

This also includes experiencing a buzzing noise when playing music or any other audio file and noticing that only some frequencies (low-end or high-end) emit certain noises while others don’t play anything at all.

Want to Learn More About Speaker Drivers?

Speaker drivers are absolutely essential to any audio system.