Ways to Add Some Radiance to Your Personality


Are you planning to get engaged?  In India, engagements are done almost like a wedding. You have the right to look gorgeous on your special day. All the women want to make the best memories possible of their engagement day and the wedding day. These are the occasions that need to be treasured and are like priced possession. As there is a lot of work that needs to be done during these days for preparations of different aspects, it becomes more challenging to choose the right attire and the perfect jewellery.

It becomes crucial that you make a collection of all the things that you want to wear. These occasions demand a lot of shopping for hours together visiting different stores to check out the different collections. However, you can buy fashion jewellery online without having to step out of your house. And forget about getting tired by going out and spending the whole day shopping. You can meet all your needs, in the comfort of your home.

You can choose for a traditional look yet be fashionable. You can make a fusion and style yourself to look best grabbing the attention of the guests. Anyway, it is your day, and you deserve to look the best.

Without the exchange of rings, engagement is incomplete. Therefore, find the most beautiful rings of your choice and add radiance to your personality. Below are some of the styles of engagement ring that you can choose according to your like and style-

  • Solitaire- The solitaire is one of the classic engagement rings with a single stone in the ring. The stone can be a precious stone or a diamond. It gives a simple yet elegant look and it is also long-lasting.
  • Cluster- As we all know that cluster means a group, so here the ring is made of a group of stones which is equivalent to a large stone or diamond. These are versatile and pocket friendly. It perfectly suits a traditional look as well as a modern look.
  • Pave- The beauty of this engagement ring is you can personalize it. The tiny diamonds or precious gemstones can be embedded into the ring. It gives a minimal look yet it sparkles in the finger making it look dainty.
  • Halo- The halo rings are the most famous styles used for engagement rings. It has smaller diamonds around the stone that is in the centre which helps in dazzling. You can choose the central stone according to your wish like the sapphire, pink diamond, ruby etc.
  • Bezel- This engagement ring is considered as most secured as the precious stone or the diamond is anchored inside a metal border. As the diamond is surrounded by the border, it is less likely to fall out. These are the best choice for engagements.
  • Double Diamond Rings- We all love diamond rings. The name itself doubles the style as two diamonds are embedded in one ring. This type of rings are more fashionable and is well known among celebrities. The two diamonds embedded are believed to be a symbol of love for the partners which is joined together. You can choose to add any precious stones of your choice.

These are some of the rings that you can select for your engagement and add value to your personality.

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