D&D Volo’s Guide To Monsters PDF Download 2021


Dungeons and Dragons have been popular since the 1970s but in the last 5 years, we can see that this game & its sessions online are becoming popular among its fans all around the world. Now you might be asking what the reason for this sudden popularity is. The answer is a critical role that makes its new series more sensational for a while. Let’s explore Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF is a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) handbook.

Dungeons and Dragons are worth playing because of Role-play. Your gaming experience becomes more valuable or interesting.  It seems like you are watching TV or listening to something interesting. Your imagination or knowledge will stay at the edge while playing this series.

Know More About Volo’s Guide To Monsters PDF

This Guide to Monsters PDF is a newly released 5th edition handbook of Dungeons and Dragons. In this handbook, you are going to read more about different monsters, characters, various thinking plots & their living style. It includes not only the information about various monstrous characters but you also come across the player manual. The PDF offers you simple tricks which add an extra thrill to your playing experience.

What are Exactly You Going To Read In This Book

Volo’s Guide To Monsters PDF consists of an informative table at the beginning that gives you the complete idea of how the whole pdf content is distributed. After the table, you get an introductory guide to understand more about dungeons & dragons monsters. The monster manual PDF contains different races of characters & their lore of bravery.

PDF has the most catchy book cover with a gloss finish to get more of the customer’s attention as compared to other monster manuals. Want to know more about Volo – The person behind this unexceptional plot? Volo is known for his curiosity-filled recitation or storytelling. In this fifth edition, he is a professor of travel as well as a half wizard.

After his confinement in the strong spell, he came out after a century. The book is basically made of three different sections like lore sections, monsters folklore & their tales. Volo edition always charms people about monsters, their origin, powers, habitats & much more.

Famous Races Of  Volo’s Guide To Monsters PDF

Here are the main races in the D&D guide to monsters pdf that can make your D&D reading experience worthwhile.


Firbolgs were a reclusive race. They avoid contact with other various races. They are the most intelligent or powerful giant-kin. Their size is medium. They consider themselves natural forest caretakers and evil nature is rare in them. They are skilled in physical combat as well as magic. They are not used to forgiving their opponents if provoked.


Lizardfolk was a race of reptilian native close to Toril that looked like humans. It is also called lizardmen. They have basic characteristics similar to warm-blooded creatures. They are around six to seven feet tall & weigh around 240-250 pounds. Big & Thick scales can protect them from enemies’ attacks. These lizards are great swimmers & live underwater in marshy areas. They could hold up their breaths for long times. Not less, they used to have excellent night vision.


Aasimar is heavenly body creatures & their souls are made up of light of the heavens. They originated from the combination of humans & the power of Mount Celestia. Aasimar’s birth symbolizes cheerfulness & blessed events. They are born to live or serve as champions.

Their vision cut through the darkness as they are blessed souls. Their size or weight is the same as humans. They can live more than 160 years.


Tabaxi is wandering human-like creatures that belong to distant or strange lands. They used to collect interesting artifacts out of curiosity. They are creatures who tell stories or old folklore & have all information related to the world. They do not like secrets & keep on moving from one place to another like travelers.

Their lifespan is almost equivalent to humans. They have strong night vision seeing from a long distance of 60 feet. Their abilities equal the resemblance of cats like agility, claws, or speed.


Kenku is one of the monstrous & haunted creatures that live like vagabonds & experts in burglary or forgery. Their lifespan is around 60 years which is less than average human life. He is known for their heinous crime which is the reason that his wings get robbed.

Kenku is excellent at mimicking various sounds or voices. They can make the best duplicates of any crafts or handwriting. The size is medium along with the height of 5 feet tall & weight of 90 to 120 pounds.


Triton’s race mainly guards their settlements made near the deep ocean depths from their enemies as well as from humans. They are the most lawful & benevolent creatures that live up to 200 years. They have established themselves the permanent guardians of oceans’ deep floors.

Their magical ability is to control the elemental powers of air & sea. Blessed with the breathing powers under air & water. Your language can be understood by Tritons but vice versa is not the same. Deep-sea ocean beds are their most adaptive environment or resistant to any cold temperatures.

Chapters Of D&D Volo’s Guide To Monsters PDF

Monsters are the center of attraction of this book. This book is surrounded by how these creatures live, where they originated from, or whether they going to harm you or not. Three chapters make you excited about gameplay & stats blocks.

After the introduction, all the chapters are listed below that you can start reading:

Chapter 1: The first chapter gives you more idea about the different monsters & creatures that exist. You will discover their origin, background, abilities, age, settlement areas & powers.

Chapter 2: The second chapter unfolds all mysteries about the races all monsters have. You will find all the races like Aasimar, Firbolg, Goliath, Kenku, Lizardfolk, Tabaxi, Triton & Monstrous Adventurers in detail.

Chapter 3: The last chapter gives you information about different lore, game statistics for more than hundreds of other monsters available in D&D Volo’s Guide To Monsters PDF.

D&D Guide To Monsters PDF Download

Download your PDF from the official website of Dragon & Dungeons. There are 90 pages in total that contain all the mysterious lore about these haunted creatures & monstrous characters. You will discover all the characteristics of Mind flayers, Goblinoids, Giants, Gnolls, Beholders, Kobolds & Yuan-ti.

You can get your handbook online for free. finding all the details or information about the seven races, subraces & various characters makes your gaming experience interesting. Gathering information from the PDF gives you an advantage over the other players. The book helps you as a user manual by giving knowledge about expanding races and horrible creatures because you have to fight a lot of demons in this game.

Volo’s Guide To Monsters PDF Review Online

If you are a D & D lover or dungeon master, then this pdf will be a good read for you. You must read the whole document to get an update about every race’s characters & spells. Their folklore or tales will help you in giving an extra hand while playing the game. It is an example of exciting and interesting interactive storytelling by Volo to the readers.

Sometimes you do not get influenced by the outcome of the game till the time you do not know about the back story. So we assume every game player should grab this pdf or read it once to get the best game experience ever.

Final Conclusion

Any dungeon masters who are using monsters while playing their game find this book interesting and genuinely helpful. It explains all the old lores & monster designs that add extra excitement to your gaming.

We consider this PDF as a great book for all the D&D lovers out there. We hope we get to see more editions in the future with some new race expansion till you can get Volo’s guide to monsters PDF & let us know in the comment section how much you liked it.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Volo’s Guide to Monsters worth reading?

Once you get it, you won’t regret buying this guide to monsters. It makes your planning much more effective or smoother. We recommend getting this PDF at some point, it’s worth it, as it will be great for getting all the extra information & folklore outside of just the stat blocks.

What does Volo’s Guide to Monsters add?

There are new contents that get added that every game player will love to read. In this monster manual, the book adds a variety of new races & expands the list of existing creatures along with the old ones. It also includes both Volothamp Geddarm and Elminster of Shadowdale.

What is the difference between the Volo’s Guide & Monster Manual?

Monster Manual you will consider more if you want to get one of them. It got the widest collection of variety. So, Volo’s Guide is a nice option after Monster Manual. It includes a lot of information on a handful of enemies (mind flayers, beholders, goblinoids, kobolds) & a bunch of random other monsters.

How many monsters are in Volo’s Guide?

In this immense 90 pages pdf of D&D monsters, you will explore in-depth lore & beautiful illustrations. You will find Volo’s Guide to Monsters interesting for all the excited players & dungeon players out there in the world. This monster guide contains more than two hundred creatures.

How many creatures are in Dungeons and Dragons?

There are 15 types of creatures in the whole series which are also called creature types. In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Each creature type has its own advantages and disadvantages.