Tulsa CarAccident Attorney: Things You Need To Know


Tulsa is home to thousands of motorists of Oklahoma. As in any big area of metropolitan, the drivers of Tulsa are at great risk of being in expanded car accidents. Victims who are severely injured in car accidents caused by the carelessness of some other person may be highly entitled to settlement under the car accident laws of Tulsa.

Unfortunately, car accidents are really common in Tulsa, & lots of people are left with life-challenging, serious injuries after these. When automobile accidents are caused largely by the reckless behavior or negligence of any other driver, the affected parties have the right to ask for compensation for their medical expenses and so on.

Dangerous Habits of Driving The Lead To Car Accidents

Car accidents occur almost every day on the highways and public roads, frequently with devastating outcomes that kill or even injure victims. While the accidents of cars may be highly common on the roadways, it doesn’t mean that they all should be tolerated or expected, particularly when these could have been efficiently prevented if not for the careless, dangerous, and negligent acts of the drivers.

Some main harmful and risky habits of driving that lead to car accidents are:

Distracted Driving:

Driver distraction has also become the most prominent driving habit on the roads or highways. In fact, the NHTSA (National Highways Trafic Safety Administration) reports that more than 3,100 people were severely killed & over 430,000 were badly injured in wrecks, including distracted drivers, in only 2014. Common distraction forms include using a mobile or texting, consuming food or drinking, talking to passengers, & personal grooming as well.


The intention of the driver typically leads to car wrecks, whether the driver was even distracted and unconscious or not. When the driver fails to make the driving task priority, he can fail easily to check his surroundings before even making the next turn, entering intersections, or switching lanes, which can boost the wreck likelihood. Even if you are the one who faces injury in a car crash with the fault of someone else, you should immediately look for the best Tulsa car accident attorney services for justice.

Drunk Driving:

For as long as there were lots of cars, there have also been many drunk drivers. Even today, drugged driving and drunk driving account for many deaths and preventable injuries on the highways and roads.

While those acts are entirely illegal & grounds for even criminal penalties, all the victims must go for compensation via the civil justice system for their justice, which can hold those impaired and careless drivers accountable for harming victims as an outcome of their extremely careless actions.

Disobeying Traffic Laws:

Traffic laws are of great importance for a reason. They highly help lessen the possibility and risks of accidents by careless drivers.

When a driver actually runs the red flag, violates the rules, or fails to utilize turn signals, they can even be held liable for the injuries and accidents they caused in the wreck. Drivers, in some cases, may also have to face criminal outcomes for killing others in automobile accidents, no matter if they are impaired or not.