Top Questions Breast Enlargement Surgeons Get Asked

Woman with a Cosmetic Surgeon

Breast enlargement surgery is a safe and popular procedure throughout the UK. It has helped numerous women achieve their desired body goals and enhanced their self-confidence. However, it is still a major decision to make for many women, which is why it is ideal to be fully informed before going forward with it.

There are multiple questions that women have about breast enlargement surgery, including the risks, recovery process, and other aspects. If you are considering getting a Manchester breast enlargement surgery, make the most of the initial consultation appointment with your surgeon.

While it is best to ask as many questions and discuss any concerns you may have during the initial consultation, here are some of the common questions breast enlargement surgeons are asked:

1. Would the surgery enhance the risk of breast cancer?

One of the most common concerns about breast enlargement surgery is whether or not it increases the risk of breast cancer. Breast implants are completely safe and are FDA-approved, indicating their safety. There have been no risks of breast cancer among women with breast implants found in any studies.

2. Do breast implants require replacement?

When considering breast enlargement in Manchester, it is crucial to understand that breast implants might require replacement. Typically, breast implants work efficiently for about ten years and might need a replacement. Moreover, you may need a breast implant replacement if there is an issue with the production or design of the implants.

3. What is the right age for breast augmentation surgery?

Getting a boob job is more common among women in their 30s, but women in their 40s and 50s can also get the surgery done. No matter your age, the best way to determine if breast enlargement surgery is right for you is by consulting a cosmetic surgeon and discussing your goals and expectations.

4. If one is planning to have children, should they wait to get the surgery?

If you are planning to have any procedure done for a boob job in the UK but also want to have kids soon, it is best to wait until after the delivery to get it done. It is also recommended that you wait for at least six months after a breast enlargement surgery before trying to get pregnant. Breastfeeding is possible after breast augmentation and is safe for the child.

5. What is the best way to prepare for breast enlargement surgery?

Getting a full understanding of the breast enlargement process, the steps involved, and the recovery process will ensure you are ready for the surgery. Working with your surgeon will help you determine what is needed to help you prepare for the surgery. You might be asked to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking a few months before and after the surgery. It is best to take time off work, ensure you have someone to care for you for the initial few weeks after the surgery and have someone drive you back home after the procedure.

6. How will I know the right breast implant size?

When getting a breast enlargement surgery, deciding the size of the breast implant can be very challenging. However, your cosmetic surgeon will guide you throughout the process by considering your goals, expectations, as well as your body type and structure. This will ensure you get the right breast implant size that you are happy with.

7. Is it safe to start exercising after the breast enlargement surgery?

It is highly recommended that you avoid any physical activities immediately after the surgery, as this could prolong recovery. You can walk during the first two weeks and then start performing light lower-body exercises. It is best to wait until six weeks after surgery before resuming upper body workouts and other strenuous exercises. Intense workouts, like running, biking, and weight lifting, performed right after the surgery can alter the position of the implants and impact the overall appearance.

8. Are there any risks of breast enlargement surgery?

The surgery for breast enlargement in the UK is safe when performed by a high-qualified and experienced surgeon. The breast implants have been approved by the FDA. However, certain risks are always involved with any type of surgery, including blood clots and infection. Fortunately, these complications are rare and can easily be avoided by following the after-care instructions of the surgeon.

9. What Does Recovery from Breast Augmentation Look Like?

The surgery requires a long recovery process to ensure proper healing and reduce any chances of complications. This means you will have to avoid exercising, wear compression garments, and take leaves from work.

10. Will the surgery be painful?

The surgery itself is not painful, but you will feel sore for the first two to three weeks after the surgery. There might also be some swelling and a pulling sensation around the breast areas. However, the breast enlargement surgeon will prescribe medication for the pain. You will continue to feel stronger with each day.

11. Is there a need for a follow-up appointment?

After you get your boob job, it is integral to go to your follow-up appointment to ensure you are healing well and your new implants are adjusting properly. The follow-up appointment is typically scheduled after four weeks. You can also discuss any concerns you might have or any potential issues that might arise.

You must consult an experienced and trusted cosmetic surgeon to have all the information you need before getting breast enlargement Manchester surgery.