Top Ideas to Get the Best Custom Sucks for Any Event


Having custom printed socks for any event is a beautiful idea. Event handlers understand that a gift that leaves a lasting impression on guests makes the occasion a success. A nicely made stocking is such a gift. If you haven’t thought of it, you better do.

If you are wondering why you should use custom socks for your event, Here’s why!

Reasons to use custom socks for your event

The idea of using custom socks with pictures for your event is the coolest thing you could ever think of. Here’s why:

  • It adds beauty and style. There’s a special kind of swag that comes with nicely made branded stockings.
  • It makes it personal. Imagine putting someone’s name or anything that makes it personal. Knowing that you are at someone’s particular place gives you a certain emotion.
  • It leaves a lasting memory. A customized gift is a perfect way to keep the memory of an event evergreen. Birthdays come once a year. Marriages are once-in-forever ceremonies. But, the customized socks remain there to remind one of such an event.
  • Pocket-friendly. Getting customized socks isn’t as expensive as other kinds of gift items. You are able to make just enough socks for your targeted audience while still not depleting your savings.

As enticing as this concept sounds, making a decision isn’t so easy. A lot of things must be properly put in place to achieve success. So, here’s a comprehensive guide put in place to help you get the best custom socks for your event.

Think about the event

The number one deciding factor is the kind of event. The designs for a birthday party won’t have the same print as those for a wedding. So also, a Christmas present must not have the same design as a Halloween gift.

The type of material to use is largely dependent on the kind of event.

Include the target recipients

When customizing stockings, it’s necessary to make them based on the targeted recipients. Don’t forget to include specifics about the person to whom you are planning to present your gift. This makes them feel special.

Also, the size of socks and the quality of the material may be decided by demography. The size or fabric for adults will be different from those for children. Make sure that all of the recipient’s details are properly captured.

Select the design of your custom sucks

The design is the print that the socks carry. Designing your socks with pictures means that you must carefully select the type of design you want. The design must adequately capture the event in focus.

The size of the design is dependent on the fabric, color, and length of the stockings. For instance, ankle socks are usually longer than boot socks. Hence, it’s important to put all of these factors into consideration.

Do you pay attention to quality and style? You can get your socks properly designed to meet your taste with the right custom made socks designers.


Select the fabric for custom sucks

The print type is heavily influenced by the material (fabric) used. A few examples of socks fabrics include:

  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Polyester

These are not the only fabrics in use, they are the most used.

The quality of the print is also important. To print your custom socks with faces, always ensure that good technology is deployed to match your fabric type. Several technologies could be used depending on the craftsmanship. Here are a few, just to give you an idea:

  • Compression technology
  • Climate control
  • Antimicrobial technology

Think about the sock length and color

The beauty and visibility of a pair of socks are crucial. In order to have appealing and prominent customized socks, you must ensure that the length and color of the socks are appropriate. Click for more info on this topic. Make your considerations in this manner:

  • Knee-high socks are usually longer (up to the knees). You can make their designs obvious without worrying about the space.
  • Quarter and low-cut socks are just within the ankle area. Much consideration must be given to the size of the logo or print.
  • For proper visibility, dull-colored fabrics should carry brighter prints or logos.

Select custom socks printing technique

Several printing techniques are employed in customizing stockings. Ensure that you pick the right technique that suits the kind of print you have in mind. Sock printing techniques are:

  • Heat transfer: prints are pressed on your socks using a hot iron. The images are first designed before being transferred.
  • The Plastisol ink technique: is restricted to a few colors. The design is placed on top of the fabric. It’s the simplest and easiest technique.
  • The water-based ink technique uses inks that are soluble in water.
  • Dye-sublimation printing is a more advanced technique. The process is simply that of heat transfer using a digital system.
  • Jacquard fabrication is not your normal kind of printing technique. In fact, it doesn’t involve the use of print. It involves the use of a variety of threads to weave based on the pattern you desire.
  • 360-degree printing is similar to dye-sublimation printing. However, it’s the most advanced technique.

Wrapped up

Considering their usefulness as gift items, custom socks remain a crucial part of special occasions. Events come once in a while, but memories last for so long. If socks can make any event more colorful, then it’s worth your consideration. Your custom socks wholesale printing cost is pocket-friendly. The larger your order, the lower your cost. Endeavor to use a pair of socks to give your event a special touch.