Important Tips to Know Before Choosing an Accent Wall


There are so many important things that house owners need to keep their mind before choosing a particular house. Not only just houses they will also have to keep some other important things while choosing the color, furniture, and other important things.

At the same time, it is also important to know about the tips which will help the house owners for choosing an accent wall quickly. To bring out the best result in house appearance it is important to choose the walls and the colors of the walls very carefully.

And whenever, you are going to choose a particular wall especially when you want to decorate the house perfectly. At the same time, it is also important to know all the necessary ways before choosing an accent wall. The task of your choosing wall becomes much easier and anybody of the house owner can bring out the best result of the whole house decoration.

But beginner house owners may find some kind of difficulties in choosing the wall quickly. Hence we have come up with some suggestions and some important tips to apply before choosing the wall. If you are interested to know about the ways then read the whole article to find out all of them quickly.

Tips for choosing an accent wall

And through the help of this particular short and precise paragraph, we will discuss each one of the important tips that will help you to decide on the perfect accent wall. Be with us in our discussion to explore all of the tips.

A) Choosing the Right Wall

To choose the right wall in your room you will have to go through some of the other tips as well. And by following all of the tips everybody of you can get the best and right wall.

1. Find the natural focal point

First, before you choose the wall, you need to find out the natural focal point in your room very quickly before starting the painting. In a maximum number of modern houses, there is the natural focal point present. And you can use that particular point before starting the wall painting to bring out the best result of the wall painting.

2. Create a focal point

However, if you do not have a focal point in your room then it is important to create a Focal Point. By adding the focal point it will be much easier for you to select the best wall for the painting. And it will also help you to bring out the best look for the overall room and for the other section of your house as well.

3. Go with a solid wall

At the same time, you need to always choose a solid wall for yourself before starting the painting procedure of your room. A solid wall will always help you to bring out the best result of wall painting and the wall color. You should not choose any other wall whenever you are going to color the accent of the wall in your room.

4. Select the farthest short wall

After that, it is also important to select the farthest short wall in your room. But a maximum number of people always keep this point before going to paint the accent wall in their house. But if you do maintain the short wall for your room then you can paint it easily.

B) Selecting the Accent Color

At the same time, as the selection of the ascent color, you will also have to follow some other tips as well. Those tips are in detail in the below paragraph.

1. Favor muted colors over bold

Always try to select a favorite muted color for the accent wall without selecting a bold color. By choosing the bold color you will not be able to enhance the overall look of the room. But whenever you will choose a muted color for your room it will always look classy and best.

2. Account for the room’s purpose

Besides that, it will also bring out the purpose of using the color in your room. Each one of the guests will simply give all their admiration to you for choosing the color.

3. Go with a color that is darker

Not only that, always try to select a dark color for the short wall of your room. It can quickly bring out the best result of an attractive look for the whole room.

4. Choose a color that complements

Do not forget to select only a perfect color that will give compliment the whole room along with the whole house as well.

5. Avoid color coordination

Do not try to make color coordination according to your house or room. Try to avoid this color coordination theme.

C) Painting the Accent Wall

And before starting the painting of your accent wall again there are some tips that can bring the best result of the painting.

1. Calculate how much paint you’ll need

Before purchasing the paint for your home first you need to decide how much paint you will need to apply for the whole room.

2. Remove the fixtures on the wall

In the next movement, you will have to remove all the textures from the wall so that you can apply all of the paints very quickly on your wall.

3. Use painter’s tape to create clean lines

To create perfect and clean lines on the walls, you will have to take the help of the painter’s tape. Not only that, it will also help you to apply each one of the colors on your short wall especially on your accent wall naturally.

4. Clean the wall

Besides that, the next step is to clean the whole wall very effectively so that you can again use a new color of paint easily and it can catch the wall.

5. Brush on a coat of primer

In the next step, do not forget to apply a coat of primer on the wall before applying the final color of the painting.

6. Apply 2 coats of your chosen paint

And last you will have to apply two coats of your chosen paint color on the wall. Give a little rest after applying the first coat and then again use the second coat of the chosen Paint on the wall.


Therefore, these are the all-important tips that you need to know before choosing an accent wall. Anybody of you can utilize these particular above-mentioned tips before selecting the wall.