Timelines for Your Digital Marketing Plans


Businesses are bleeding! 31.7 million small businesses are in operation in the United States. Yet millions of them shut down every year, even after previous successes.

One reason why is digital marketing. In order to make more sales and develop your brand, you need to have a presence online.

But you can’t rush things. You need to think about digital marketing plans and give yourself a rough timeline for how long they take.

How much time does it take to plan, launch, and analyze a campaign? What must you do to market your company online? What are optional steps that can help your campaign become successful?

Answer these questions and you can market your company without wasting time. Here is your quick guide.

Prepare Your Digital Marketing Plans

Every digital marketing plan requires extensive preparation. You need to find a goal for your campaign, whether it be increasing your sales or developing your brand. You then need to think about who the target audience is and what content you need to make.

You may need to convene several meetings with your sales and marketing departments. If you’re looking to sell your company eventually, you should talk to the best business brokers you know at this stage. In general, digital marketing planning can take a couple of weeks to complete.

Create Your Content

Once you’ve got your digital marketing agency plan squared away, you can start to make the content. Writing can take less than a day if you have copywriters already working for you. If you need to hire someone else, it may take a few days to find the right writer and approve their work.

If you’re making videos, it can take a couple of weeks. You need to write a script, shoot the video, and then edit it. Try taking photographs instead, as you can take many photographs in a day.

Distribute Your Content

The fastest way to distribute your content is through social media. You can share your photographs and videos as posts, and you can embed links to your content on your website.

But if your social media followings are small, you will need to be more aggressive. You may need to create a landing page for your campaign on your website, and you may need to work with influencers to spread the word about your campaign. This can take several days, if not a couple of weeks, to do.

Analyze the Campaign

Your campaign may last a few weeks. Once it’s done, you need to analyze what happened and assess if it was successful.

At a minimum, you should research the campaign and write a report about it. You can also interview key employees, do market research, and visit the analytics pages of your social media pages. This may take several days in total.

Figure Out Digital Marketing Plans

Digital marketing plans are trickier than they seem. You must spend time planning your campaign, which can take weeks. You then need to make the content for your campaign and distribute it.

When everything is said and done, you must analyze your work so you can launch future campaigns. In total, you should expect your marketing campaign to take a couple of months. You can cut the time down by hiring an experienced marketing team, including business brokers.

Informing yourself about good marketing strategies can also save you time. Read more digital marketing guides by following our coverage.