TikTok vs Instagram: The Differences Explained


If you’re creating content on social media and aren’t gaining the attention and exposure that you’re wanting, there may be a clear reason why. Each social media app offers a different style of content as well as different demographics of users which can vary in the popular content creation that is shared.

Understanding the differences between social media apps that allow you to create content can set you up for success. There are many moving parts to content creation depending on each app. If your content is being drowned out by other popular users, don’t fret.

Knowing the basics of social media apps like TikTok and Instagram can help you utilize your potential of creating content. In this article, we’ll break down the basics of TikTok vs Instagram.

TikTok vs Instagram Users

Understanding the differences between these apps and their users can help you discern your intended audience and their interests. What makes these users different?

Benefits of TikTok

TikTok is a newer social media app compared to the rest, but its popularity has been astronomical. Did you know that an average user of this platform opens the app 8 times a day?

There’s something special about TikTok that separates it from the rest of the social media platforms.

One of the benefits of TikTok is the one billion people globally that use the app. With such a large community on TikTok, you’re bound to find people similar to your niche that creates videos that you’ll enjoy.

With content creation being so easy and authentic on this app, users spend more time on this app. Users are consuming more content, which means the engagement rate is incredibly high. Through likes, comments, “stitches” and “duets”, there is more accessible engagement with other users.

Benefits of Instagram

One of the main benefits of Instagram is that it has been around longer than TikTok. This means that Instagram has curated a larger user audience of 1.3 billion users. It also has a wider demographic, including generation X, millennials, and generation Z.

Another benefit of Instagram in terms of users is that you’re able to curate a specific list of who you’d like to engage with. Your Instagram feed only shows you the posts of people you follow, while still allowing an “explore page” if you’d like to explore similar content.

However, having a curated list of content for users to consume can make it difficult to become noticed on the app quicker. Those who are popular on Instagram have spent months and sometimes years creating content to get the following that they have.

TikTok vs Instagram Content

Content can play a large part in getting noticed on the app, as well as knowing what styles of content you can create on the platform. How do these apps differ from each other in content?

TikTok Content

The main difference between these two apps is that TikTok’s content has a sense of simplicity to it. This app only allows creators to produce short-form videos. Users are only allowed to film up to three minutes on this app.

This allows TikTok users to produce creative and narrative-driven videos for other users. This may be why the app is known to be so addicting.

Learning how to use TikTok to create videos is easier with the way the app is laid out. The app makes it easy to cut, edit, and add music to videos all in one place. Creating content for TikTok is easier than other video editing apps, which is why so many users create content.

TikTok also allows a broad audience to view your content. Following a precise algorithm, the app will not only show you the videos from the people you follow but from other users as well. The algorithm will place videos on your “for you page” that’s similar to other creators and topics that you enjoy watching videos on.

The content may seem simple, but it’s completely effective in gaining the attention of its users.

Instagram Content

The content created on Instagram is a bit more varied than on TikTok. Instagram not only allows you to create posts on your page, but they also allow you to create 24-hour long stories. It also includes a page on the app to scroll through short-form videos, similar to TikTok.

Instagram also allows users to shop on the app from businesses they follow or discover online. This can create visibility for small businesses and allow other businesses to create more revenue outside of their website.

Instead of focusing on everyday narrative-style content, Instagram is more focused on aesthetics and quality content. Instagram influencers and popular pages gain the attention of users through quality pictures and videos.

Marketing Tips

The most important part about marketing on social media is knowing your audience. Understanding the difference between who you’re reaching on TikTok vs. Instagram can help you become more visible on these apps.

Creating content can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming if you’re not sure what type of content is effective. Becoming a user of the app and watching other content creators can help. You can find TikTok ideas by noticing the popular trends and songs.

Studying how Instagram users create their aesthetic and content can help you understand the work and time put into curating content for this app.

Find your niche that will attract your intended audience. Finding what you want to create videos about can help your exposure on each app. What are you able to share with your followers? What are you knowledgeable about? Your niche can set you on the right path as a content creator.

For more information on how to maximize your exposure on TikTok, you can read a full article on this topic.

Content is Just a Click Away

No matter which app you prefer as a content creator or as a user, both apps are beneficial in gaining the ear and attention of your intended audience.

TikTok vs Instagram offer different platforms of content and users, but both are popular and rewarding social media apps to use for content creation. Finding your niche and where you’re able to stand out on these social media apps is easier when you understand what each platform offers.

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