This Is How to Hire the Best Immigration Attorney


In 2021, more than 45 million immigrants entered the US. This is the highest number of immigrants in the calendar year within the last 150 years.

But getting into the US is just one part of the equation. Managing your visa, working in the country, and obtaining citizenship can all be very complicated. And these processes can take a very long time to complete.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire an attorney that specializes in immigration laws. But attorneys are a dime dozen, so it’s important to select the best immigration attorney you can find.

Doing so can dramatically speed up the immigration process and increase the likelihood of winning your case.

So how should you go about hiring a lawyer? Keep reading below for tips on finding the right immigration lawyer for you.

Location Isn’t Important, but Language Is

Once you’ve made it to the US, it’s tempting to try looking for an immigration attorney in your immediate area. But this isn’t always necessary. In fact, countless immigration cases are won in the migrants’ favor without them ever having met their attorney face to face.

Much of the work is done on paper, and conversations can happen with ease over the phone and via video conferences.

This allows you to broaden your search area to ensure you can find the most qualified attorney for your case.

What is important, however, is that the attorney speaks your native language. If Spanish is your primary language, working with an attorney fluent in Spanish will make the process much easier.

Likewise, if you are from India, China, Russia, or other parts of the world, finding a lawyer who speaks your native tongue will be a massive help.

The Best Immigration Attorney Is Certified

All attorneys need to complete law school and pass their state’s Bar exam. And everyone who does that is able to practice immigration law.

However, just because they can doesn’t mean you should hire them. Some attorneys go through additional rigorous training and pass more exams specific to immigration.

And it’s these Board Certified immigration attorneys that you should hire. A handful of states offer this additional Board Specialist Certification.

Experience Is Everything

Look for an immigration attorney with years of experience. Legal services are complex in nature. But attorneys that have helped hundreds, if not thousands of other people just like you, have built up processes, relationships, and the skills necessary to get the job done quickly.

People like Richard immigration lawyer in Chicago have nearly 30 years of experience helping immigrants across the spectrum solve their legal matters.

While it might cost more to hire the most experienced attorney, the benefit will far outweigh the expense when your case is won quickly.

Finding an Attorney Near Me

Take your time when looking for the best immigration attorney. Working with them might be a long process, so feel free to interview multiple candidates to find the right attorney for your needs.

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