Things to Do in St. Albert, Alberta This Weekend


Located in the Edmonton metropolitan area is St. Albert, the second largest city in the Alberta province. The city is often overshadowed by Edmonton, and many people recommend just making the trip to Edmonton for a day out.

However, this is a huge disservice to St. Albert as the city has many great attractions on its own. Rest assured, if you move into St. Albert real estate you’ll have plenty of things to occupy yourself with. So what are the best attractions to visit in the area? Let’s take a look.

Arden Theater

Arden Theater may be relatively small, but that does not affect the quality of shows that go on in the theater. In fact, one of the benefits of being on the smaller side is that there are almost no bad seats in the theater.

Here you’ll see a variety of amazing local shows, ranging from community theater to concerts to special events. While there are bigger and grander theaters in Edmonton, none have the quaint charm or great deals of the Arden Theater.

Little White School

The Little White School is a unique museum that displays the history of education. The building was originally a schoolhouse, educating future generations. Today the school has been restored, serving as a historic building and museum.

It is fascinating to visit the Little White School and see how far education has come in recent years. Education is an important part of society and prepares the future generation. Looking back and learning about its history is not only fascinating, but educational as well.

Grain Elevator Park

Grain Elevator Park is an open-air museum, showcasing two-grain elevators. A grain elevator is an area designed for the storage of grain. Grain and its farming played a major role in the growth of St. Albert, and the museum honors this history.

The grain elevators were restored in 2011, being completely repaired and stabilized. Between May and September, you can even book a guided tour. Grain Elevator Park may not be a thrilling attraction, but it is deeply rooted in local history and fascinating to tour, making it more than worthy of your weekend time.

Fountain Park

If you’re looking to spend your weekend outdoors doing some fun activities, you should head over to Fountain Park. The park is great to just walk around and relax in, making it the perfect setting for a picnic or an afternoon meditation.

The park also has a recreation center, complete with a full-fledged pool and several squash courts. If you’re an avid swimmer or just want to play a couple of games, this is the perfect place to do so. If you want to spend your afternoon having fun and enjoying great amenities, Fountain Park is exactly what you’re looking for.