The Ultimate Guide to Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle


Americans are sucking the world dry. The average American creates 20 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. An American born today would use more than three million pounds of minerals and metals over their lifetime.

For the future of the planet, Americans need to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. But sustainability means more than recycling.

How can you increase your use of green energy? What should you eat and drink? How can you adjust your buying and spending habits?

Answer these questions and you can start your sustainable lifestyle today. Here is your quick guide.

Use Renewable Energy

You can keep all of your appliances while living an eco-friendly lifestyle. The key is that you use sustainable energy instead of fossil fuels. You should install solar panels on your house and connect them to batteries you can use at night.

Do your research so you find the most affordable panels for you. You can visit websites like to find quotes for your panels.

Stop Driving Your Car

Driving a car can contribute significantly to climate change. If you live in a city, you should use public transportation or a bike to get around. If you must drive, give someone else a ride so they don’t use their car.

If you have to go across the country, try using a train instead of a plane. Trains use less fossil fuel, and some trains even run on electricity instead of gas or coal.

Adopt a Vegan Diet

Maintaining livestock takes up a large amount of land and water. Switching to a vegan diet will reduce land and water consumption, especially if you buy organic food.

You can get your protein from nuts, seeds, and legumes. If you are lacking protein or other nutrients from meat, you can take vitamin supplements.

Companies still burn fossil fuels by transporting fruits and vegetables on roads. Consider growing your own produce and buying from local farms to reduce the effects of transportation.

Buy Fewer Things

The fewer things you buy, the fewer resources you use up. You can give experiences to your friends and family instead of buying them gifts. You can go to an interesting location, play a board game, or walk around a park.

When you need clothes or furniture, you can go to a thrift store. The items there tend to be less expensive, and they were previously used. You won’t consume new resources to get what you need.

Follow a Sustainable Lifestyle

A sustainable lifestyle does not have to be difficult. You should switch to renewable energy through solar panels and batteries. To reduce your use of fossil fuels, you should stop using your car and shift to public transportation.

A vegan diet uses fewer resources than a meat-based one. Order your ingredients from local farms to reduce transportation pollution. You should buy fewer things in general, going to thrift stores to buy other people’s belongings.

These are just the essentials for living a sustainable life. Get more details and advice on eco-friendly living by following our coverage.