The Three Leading UK Bingo Sites 2022


Looking for where to play bingo online? Maybe you’re just starting out and need some way to pass the boring afternoon hours, or maybe you’re looking for ways to make some money on the side while waiting for an email. Well, you’ve come to the right place. The thing about bingo sites is, just like any online betting or any other kind of online gaming application, different sites will have wildly different policies regarding which and operate within the United Kingdom and how they payout.

While those who are in the know, many of those who have been unaware of the rise of online bingo and online gaming might still hold on to old notions that Bingo is for older folk or for people with completely nothing better to do. That couldn’t be further from the case. Think about all this time you spend watching YouTube while waiting for things to cook, or looking at an article on the toilet. We live in an age of everything all at once, and bingo, in fact, is a hobby that demands a steady stream of attention.

In this economy for dopamine, it’s sometimes good to take it slow, and who knows, you might even earn some money!

Therefore, we have taken the time to meticulously look through all the different online Bingo sites that service the UK in order to compile for you the three best bingo sites that are UK regulated for you!

Where can I play these games?

Some, but not all of these sites are available on both mobile and desktop. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection, preferably wired, to take advantage of the instantaneousness of the game.

If you’re already a bingo veteran, you will find online bingo so much more rewarding as the waiting time as well as all the checking whether people have won yet is cut short with the marvel of technology.

While most of us have mobile phones, some might find it uncomfortable to stare at their phone for hours playing bingo, or maybe have something to do on the computer. Unsurprising, since many people are working from home these days. Therefore in this article, we’ve decided to highlight not just mobile apps but desktop sites as well.

The 6 Best Bingo Sites in the UK!

In no particular order, here we go!

1. Gala Bingo – Loyalty Best

Gala Bingo runs in the UK and is our first recommendation due to their great loyalty program. Gala users will swear by the service if you ask them since after staying long enough, you might realise that there are no better services if you want to steadily reap rewards.

It’s a bingo site with not just bingo at its core, but rather, it also contains slots and games on top of bingo rooms. This is wonderful as these also will help you rack up loyalty points, and if your luck on bingo isn’t doing too good, you can always just switch to play to something else.

You might be thinking to yourself why loyalty is important enough that I keep going on about it. Well, after you have found the Bingo site that fits you the most, after sinking all this time into doing the research, the last thing you want to do is probably have to change the site again.

After all, you want to be signing up to a few sites as possible since they take your information credentials. This is because some sites might do ill with said information.

So that’s why, with or without loyalty incentives, you’re likely to find and stick to a Bingo site that gives you a solid return, has no signs of misconduct and is easy to deposit and withdraw from. Gala Bingo is just that.

Some examples of the kinds of rewards you will get include access to the invite-only bingo room from five to seven pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, Free Spins on Fridays, and Top-Up Tuesday add-ons.

2. Kitty Bingo – Best on Mobile

You’d think of a Bingo site, the game that even your grandmother could beat you in would be relatively simple to play and display on a mobile phone. Sadly, this is not the case. While many of the big bingo sites offer mobile support, many times they simply awkwardly move some things around.

Many of the larger bingo sites simply don’t put in the time to redesign around the mobile experience, which is where Kitty Bingo comes in. While Kitty Bingo can be accessed on a desktop just as well as any other site, Kitty Bingo is, in our opinion, second to none in terms of mobile phone useability.

The User Interface is well scaled for the mobile interface and they have a good range of promos and different bingo games, and this makes it our best pick for getting some games in here and there on the go.

3. Fabulous Bingo – Best for New Players

Let’s face it. All this bingo talk might sound absurd. How complicated could bingo get that we even need to recommend a site just for new players? Well, you’ll be surprised. For a new player not looking to wager lots, game the system and cycle their rewards, many bingo websites are extremely not user-friendly.

In fact, as a new player, the things that you are looking for are most easily found in Fabulous Bingo. I’m talking about a newbie-only playroom, welcome guides, a daily free bingo and a great selection of payment options.

If you’re a new player, most likely you already have PayPal or Skrill from playing on other online gaming sites. If that’s the case then it is easy to fund your accounts and withdraw back out.


With these recommendations in mind, we hope you’re willing to start experiencing the joys of online Bingo today. While it might feel tempting to wager lots in order to cash out just what you need to pay a loan or for a fancy dinner, make sure you play responsibly, only playing within your means. That’s it for now, happy rolling!