The Most Profitable Belongings to Sell Second-Hand



Looking to raise some extra money in the near future? There’s a lot to be said for scouring the house for old belongings that might be worth something. Not only is there a chance you can earn some money from selling it, but you’re also decluttering the house and saving yourself some time and effort for the next time you move.

These second-hand belongings are the most likely to net you some money that can make a difference in your budget.

Gold and Silver Jewellery and Collectibles

When it comes to precious metals, the first tip is to find a transparent, professional buyer of gold and silver. Ideally, you want to go to a buyer who will give you a fair assessment and know what to do with collectibles that could have value beyond the precious metal content.

Look for a buyer who will complete their evaluation right in front of you. There are some that also advertise their current buying rates, so if you know the weight and purity of the items you’re bringing in, you can have a fair estimate of how much you should get before you even walk in.


When it comes to selling old belongings, it’s important to know what words like “antique” and “vintage” really mean. They don’t just mean “old” but specifically relate to the age and rarity of an item.

Antiques generally refer to things that are at least 100 years old. Even so, simply being an antique may not be enough to find a buyer willing to pay more for it than they would if it was simply old furniture.

This is where you need to do some research and look for any identifying markers on the piece. If you can find the name of the company that made the piece, you may be able to look up whether it was hand-crafted or mass-produced. Even better, you may be able to see if antique buyers are interested in pieces similar to it.

Vintage Clothing

Not all old clothes are going to be worth something. In fact, most of them are probably better off going to recycling or donations.

It can be a challenge to price vintage, even for people who do it for a living, and there are a number of factors to consider. If cyclical trends mean you have something that’s in demand, it can be worth taking to a vintage store. Popular T.V. shows set in another era often drive trends like these.

Used Electronics

Old T.V.s, laptops, cameras, and phones have a growing market online that you can take advantage of to make a quick buck. There are a number of buyback services that can help you declutter that pile of older laptops, though they tend to offer the highest rates for smartphones as they provide the best resale value.

Any time you sell used electronics, it pays to be conscious of your privacy. Make sure you’ve cleared all of your personal data and reset the device to factory settings. Don’t leave behind any personal or financial information.