The Most Important SEO Trends in 2022


SEO drives 4X more traffic to websites than social media.

Many businesses are investing in SEO services to boost traffic and generate leads. So, as an SEO agency, you should look for ways to attract these clients. Your goal is to provide top-class SEO services that meet and exceeds their needs.

That’s why you need to keep the latest SEO trends.

Read on to learn the most important SEO trends in 2022.

Localization of SEO

A huge number of search engine searches are from people looking for local businesses. As an SEO agency, your clients will expect you to help them generate local traffic. So, you need to keep up with the latest local SEO strategies.

Your goal is to sell SEO services that meet these clients’ needs. You want to help them boost local brand awareness. The ultimate goal is to draw in more foot traffic and increase sales. So, guide your clients on how to geotag keywords to improve relevancy.

AI-Generated Content

Many SEO agencies are currently using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate content. To keep up with this trend, learn how AI-generated content works. The idea is to determine which AI tools to use to generate content.

You want to pick a reliable AI tool to generate high-quality SEO content for your clients. Also, learn how to utilize AI to track your SEO strategies performance. The goal is to measure ROI to determine whether these strategies are working or not.

Finally, leverage AI to generate high-quality and engaging content. You want to provide relevant content to improve your website’s ranking.

Video and Image Search

58 percent of consumers use voice search to find local businesses.

So, when recommending SEO tips and tricks to your clients, advise them to optimize their websites for voice search. Also, guide them on how to find the right keywords to use. These are keywords potential customers will use when undertaking voice searches.

So, you need to undertake advanced keyword research. You want to help your clients find relevant keywords to increase voice search traffic.

Finally, as an SEO agency, help your clients learn how image search works. You want them to know how to leverage this type of search to grow organic traffic. Also, direct them to optimize their websites for voice and image search to improve ranking.

Keep Up with SEO Trends to Attract More Clients!

To keep up with other SEO agencies, you need to learn how to keep attracting new clients. So, when developing an SEO strategy for a client, observe the above trends. The idea is to help them leverage SEO trends to improve their businesses’ online visibility.

So, guide them on how to effectively employ local SEO to increase foot traffic and sales. Also, guide them on how to optimize their website for image and voice search.

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