The Main Features of IOS 15


Apple gadgets have millions of fans all over the world. Each update of iOS is usually long-awaited because of tons of new features it brings to the users. iOS 15 was not an exception to this rule. So, what’s new in the new version of your favorite operating system?

Should you upgrade your gadget to the newest version? Is it worth it? Find out the most recent information about the fresh update in this post.

Before You Start Exploring New Features

There is nothing new that the world of gadgets is incredibly addictive. After you discover the newest features of the new iOS 15, you will likely start trying all of them. However, the process might require plenty of time since you might also want to discover some new apps for your device too.

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After you’ve placed an order to get your papers done by true professionals, it’s time to know more about the latest technologies and solutions available on the market. So, let’s start with the newest features of iOS 15 first.

iOS 15: Basic Facts

iOS is an operating system used in various gadgets developed by Apple. If you are a lucky owner of an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, you definitely use iOS. As for iOS 15, it is currently considered the newest operating system for Apple gadgets. It was released in June 2021 and got plenty of excellent reviews since then. The update is available for all the users in any country worldwide, so you can upgrade your favorite device and start using it anytime.

The only thing you need to do is to go to the Settings of your device and check the availability of the update. However, you might not receive such notification in case you’ve been using an automatic iOS update. This way, you have been using the freshest version of the operating system on your gadget without even noticing it.

iOS 15: The Freshest Features

The number of new features in the current release is amazing. We will describe the major innovations the users will face when using the upgraded OS.


Focus is a new feature that allows Apple users to reduce distraction. In other words, you can set up the apps you want to focus on. After that, the notifications from other apps will be filtered. This feature is also known as Custom focus.

There is also Suggested focus that is a set of predesigned settings offered by the operating system. What is good is that when you set up Focus on one device, it will be automatically applied to other connected Apple gadgets. If you don’t include messengers in the list of apps you would like to focus on, your status will be automatically set up as currently unreachable.

Updated Notifications

The notifications have also been updated. You will see the added contact photos for people and larger icons for applications. The notifications are arranged by priority, with the most relevant notifications rising to the top and based on a user’s interactions with apps.

For example, the urgent messages will be delivered immediately, while the notifications from your favorite games might become visible later.


The main Apple browser can now boast of having a new design. Its controls are now easier to reach, while the new tab bar is much more convenient. It floats on the screen, so you can easily access different tabs in a single tab. Moreover, the start page is fully customizable, making your browsing experience even more comfortable. Using Safari is not smooth and handy.

Apple Maps

If you are not a fan of Google Maps, it might be a good idea to try its excellent alternative. Apple Maps offer a completely new way to explore and navigate, discover more details, such as buildings, neighborhoods, shops, and roads. The app is going to please its users with an innovative night-time mode with a top-notch moon glow. This is not a completed list of iOS 15 new features.

The innovations also include Apple Wallet, privacy features, notes apps, weather, Siri, iCloud, health app, HomeKit, accessibility, and availability. The best solution to discover all the excellent features of the updated operating system is to upgrade your gadget to its newest version.