The Best Places to Visit in Sandpoint, Idaho!


Sandpoint is the largest country in Idaho, with 8639 population count according to the 2020 census. It was a part of the Native American Kalispel Tribe’s home. The land spanned across the Pend Oreille and Priest Lakes into the country of Canada.

Sandpoint lies 43 miles along the long lake, Pend Oreille, surrounded by the three major mountain ranges. Idaho’s largest ski resort Schweitzer Mountain Resort is located in Sandpoint. Sandpoint was awarded as the nation’s “Most beautiful small town” in the year 2011 by USA Today.

If you plan to visit America’s most beautiful small town for your honeymoon, this article is for you. We have listed some of the best places you will regret if you missed. So, let’s take a look at these amazing rentals.

1. Mountain Resort

A great all-around resort! This is the best resort if you want to experience luxury at affordable prices, with the most cooperative staff members and excellent services.

The food is also superb with so many cuisines on the menu. This place is something you will never want to miss. So, if you are visiting Sandpoint, add this place to your list to check out.

2. Sandpoint City Beach

The park located on the end of the peninsula in Sandpoint is 22 acres of the park on the northwest shore of Lake Pend Oreille. A beach area for swimming and the garden is often used for different art and culture fairs.

It is a calm place to enjoy the serenity of nature and a beautiful location with a parking lot nearby. The park must be on your list if you look for  vacation rentals Sandpoint id!

3. Panida Theater

This is a small and artistic community theater in Sandpoint. It was built as a movie house or a cinema by F.C. Weskil in 1927. It has been renovated many times since then yet has maintained its original glow.

The organizers host many plays, business workshops, and concerts at the Panida Theater. Beautiful and artistic walls and architecture await you to be amazed at the Panida Theater, Sandpoint, Idaho.

4. Bonner County History Museum

The excellent museum with well-organized presentations to feed you with great knowledge and artifacts. You get to learn a lot about the area and its history.

The exhibits cover things including mining, logging, and local history. Even if you are not very fond of museums, this is the one you will definitely like. There is a lot about the country’s architecture that you can learn and discover in this museum. With its elegant presentation of history, you will get a glimpse of all in the Bonner County History Museum.

5. Cedar Hills Church

If you have a church on your vacation list, then Cedar Hills Church needs to be on your list. A church with an active child, teens, and adults group. Feel welcomed and find the core values without feeling forced to any boundation.

This is where you will feel the calmness running down your spine with all the blessings. The music and children ministries are enjoyable, and the gatherings are focused on the theme of “come as you are,” feeling gospel-centered. With an active online presence, they are reachable from all across the world.


We will end our list with these five destinations in Sandpoint, Idaho. So, make sure to add these places to your list of vacations the next time you come here. Idaho is waiting for you!