The Best Generator Maintenance Tips That You Should Use Right Away


As more and more people have started to experience massive power outages throughout the country, generator sales have gone up. You might be thinking about adding one of the different types of generators to your home or business.

If you are, you should invest in the best residential or commercial generator possible. It should be able to take one of the different types of energy and produce the power you need.

You should also ensure you keep generator maintenance in the back of your mind before purchasing a generator. You’ll need to take great care of a generator to use it to its full potential.

We’ve created a list of generator maintenance tips that you should begin putting to good use as soon as you welcome a generator into your home or business. Check them out below.

Begin by Buying the Right Generator for Your Home

If you’re going to buy a generator for your home or business, it’ll be very important for you to get your hands on the right one. You’ll need to get a generator that runs on the right fuel and is large enough to keep the power on in your home or business.

It doesn’t matter if you buy a brand-new generator or one of these great used generators. It won’t do you a whole lot of good if it’s not the ideal generator for your residential or commercial needs.

Install a Generator in the Right Way

Once you pick out a generator for your home or business, you should arrange to have it installed by a professional. More often than not, this will mean bringing a licensed electrician in to get the job done.

An electrician will be able to find the right place to put a generator on the outside of your home or business. They’ll also run all the proper wiring to enable your generator to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

Perform Oil Changes on Your Generator Regularly

Most generators are going to have oil running through them. And if this oil gets to be very old and/or runs out, it could take a big toll on your generator.

With this in mind, you should get yourself into the habit of performing oil changes on your generator as often as necessary. Look through the instruction manual for your generator to see how often a manufacturer recommends that you should change your generator’s oil.

Let Your Generator Run Every So Often

A generator will really come in handy if your home or business ever experiences a power outage. But chances are, you aren’t going to have that many power outages in most places.

Because of this, you will need to fire your generator up every now and then and let it run for a little while. It’ll get the oil in your generator circulating and guarantee that your generator doesn’t stop working simply because it hasn’t been turned on in months.

Replace the Filters in Your Generator Accordingly

There will be a series of filters found in most generators. Generators will have everything from oil filters to air filters in them.

You shouldn’t have to replace these filters too often. But you will need to take the time to replace these filters as often as your generator’s manufacturer recommends.

If you keep old filters in your generator, it’s not going to be very efficient. It might also not be all that safe to use it.

Lock Your Generator Down to Keep It Safe

A generator is typically going to cost you a pretty penny. You may have to pay anywhere from $1,000 or so to tens of thousands of dollars for one.

As a result, you won’t want to let anyone come along and steal your generator. It would be a good idea to go above and beyond to keep your generator safe.

Some generators are so heavy that you won’t have to worry about anyone coming along and stealing your generator. But even still, you should lock your generator down so that it can’t be moved easily.

Know When It’s Time to Purchase a New Generator

Many generators can last for up to 3,000 hours, if not longer. So you shouldn’t need to buy another generator anytime soon after purchasing one.

But you shouldn’t let an older generator linger for any longer than you have to. You might run the risk of a generator not turning on like it’s supposed to if you keep it around for too long.

It would be worth keeping a generator maintenance journal so that you know as much as you can about your generator. It’ll fill you in on when you should think about replacing your generator in the future and tell you when you should begin shopping for a new one.

These Generator Maintenance Tips Will Keep Your Generator in Great Shape

If you’re going to invest in a generator for your home or business, it would be silly not to maintain it. Generator maintenance can keep your generator running efficiently and ensure it sticks around for a long time.

Utilize the generator maintenance tips found here to care for your generator. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how long a generator will last when you look after it.

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