The Benefits of Target Practice to Perfect Your Shot


Did you know that the world record draw from a standing position was set at 0.2 seconds in 1982? There are a couple of ‘gunslingers’ skilled enough with single-action revolvers to draw, fire, and reholster so quickly that you can only see it happen on slowed footage. Many shooters can make ridiculously long shots with rifles, or get automatic-like firing rates out of lever guns.

The only way to develop expert shooting skills is with a ton of target practice. Time spent at the range is the key ingredient to good shooting and it also comes with many side benefits. Keep reading to find out more!

Physical Benefits of Target Practice

Regular range outings build hand and arm strength. Shooting handguns and rifles require arm and hand strength (especially with larger calibers) and as you practice with your firearms, you also develop the muscles you use.

You also spend a lot of time standing, walking around, maybe even crouching down and lying prone. This constant motion is really good cardio. Some special courses even make you run from one shooting position to the next as part of a drill, which builds a different kind of running stamina than simple jogging or treadmill sessions.

Mental Benefits of Target Practice

Shooting requires short bursts of intense focus which can improve your ability to focus overall as well as your eye and brain’s ability to differentiate shapes. The adrenaline and serotonin you get while shooting also improve mental processing.

Moreover, you’ll be thinking about budgeting for target ammo when you’re away from the range. Prioritizing target shooting in your monthly calendar can help you with your work ethic and budgeting skills in daily life.

A good economic approach to gun ownership is to buy dedicated ammo to practice shooting targets. Target shooting ammo is cheaper than defense or hunting ammo, and can often be bought in bulk. See more about target ammo in this example.

Social Benefits of Target Practice

Guns and shootings need to be treated with proper respect for the sport to be safe for everyone around you. Everyone needs to remember and follow the four rules of gun safety at all times, which means you need to be constantly aware of your own actions and the actions of others at the range.

When problems do arise you have the opportunity to practice de-escalation and the ability to remain calm in higher-stakes situations. Getting used to the range’s higher intensity also breeds a relaxed and confident attitude in day-to-day life.

Knowing that you can budget well and defend your home will also help your family feel physically and financially safe because of your responsible gun ownership.

Don’t Avoid the Gun Range

If you’re a gun owner, you should embrace responsible gun ownership. Part of this responsibility is regular target practice. This doesn’t only make you a safer and better shot, but it also comes with additional benefits away from the range.

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