The 5 Most Beautiful Tropical Fish For Your Saltwater Aquarium


Did you know over 1.6 million families in the United States have saltwater fish? Unlike their freshwater counterparts, saltwater fish are more like what you would see if you go snorkeling in the ocean. They are a fun addition to any household.

Have you ever thought about starting a saltwater aquarium of your very own? Here are some fish species to consider adding to your collection for color, flare, and entertainment.

1. Lionfish

Lionfish are one of the most majestic creatures that you can get for your aquarium, but they are pretty low maintenance. However, they do require a larger tank size, of at least 120 gallons.

Lionfish are also not very picky when it comes to what they eat, but they tend not to eat organisms that are larger than their size.

2. Angelfish

If you want a fish that has all of the attitude and personality, you cannot go wrong with an angelfish. One of the most popular varieties is the emperor angelfish, known for its bold blue, black, and yellow color scheme.

Angelfish tend to have a varied diet and are generally omnivores, meaning that they will eat small creatures as well as plant life in your tank. An angelfish may quickly take over the tank and become the boss, as they are a very dominant species.

3. Clownfish

Clownfish are one of the boldest and smallest species of tropical fish. They have a hallmark design of bright orange stripes laced with black and white, which you may recognize from movies such as Finding Nemo.

Clownfish are also omnivores, and they like to feast on organisms that are smaller than them, as well as plants such as this macroalgae. However, you need to ensure that your water is of higher quality if you want clownfish to thrive in your tank.

4. Triggerfish

Some of the best tropical fish for beginners are coral dwellers because they will always have a source of food available. A triggerfish has both a fun personality and relatively low maintenance, making it an ideal fish for your first setup.

Triggerfish are also highly active, which means that you will see your fish swimming around your tank at all hours of the day.

5. Tang Fish

A tang is a wonderful addition to any home aquarium if you have a large reef tank. Tangs come in many stunning colors, but one of the most beautiful varieties is the red sea purple tang.

Since tangs are very active, you can expect to see them swimming at all water levels in your saltwater aquarium.

Add These Tropical Fish to Your Aquarium Today

If you enjoy tropical fish, you should be able to create the aquarium of your dreams. With these options, you will have a colorful array of finned friends and a harmonious marine environment.

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