Surprising facts about rental accommodations we bet you didn’t know!


Years ago, if you were to talk about renting a property to stay at a tourist location or any city, people would have laughed at you. Or they would think of you as someone who could not afford a stay in a hotel. But, as more and more people and tourists are trying these accommodations, they seem to get impressed by them.

So, now when you talk about renting a private villa or room or an apartment, people actually recommend you some good ones to try. However, there are still some facts about these accommodations that you and the other tourists might be unaware of!

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Short-term vacation rentals benefit single couples looking for a place to lay their head at night. It will be more beneficial if you have timeshare travel. But don’t you worry, if you wanted to cancel your timeshare, you can read this timeshare cancellation letter for your assistance.

Some essential information about short-term rentals that are often unrevealed!

Hotel owners ignored the short-term rentals for some time as competitors, assuming they were incapable of attracting customers. And today, these are their biggest competitors. Around 9 out of 10 tourists today prefer these lodgings rather than hotels. Are you thinking of scanning such properties for your next trip? Let us reveal some lesser-known facts about such rentals:

You miss half of the best rental options by filtering your searches – If you have a habit of inquiring about good short-term rentals via Google, then remember not to apply too many filters. A very specific search can result in incomplete information, and you don’t get to browse many attractive options.

Vacation rentals can be as exotic, unique, and full of perks as much you like – One fascinating feature that attracts travelers and experience-seekers to vacation rentals is that you can choose as spartan or as opulent an option as you want. Gone are the days when people felt that you lose out on amenities when you opt for rentals rather than hotels.

Today, holiday rental homes come with many exotic, unique perks, and plush amenities that can blow your mind. You can find Luxury Villas on rent to spend your vacations.

Most of the second homes in prominent cities worldwide are now short-term holiday rentals– Various property owners with extra spaces or second homes in desirable locations use them as rental accommodations and gain monetary benefits.

Surveys reasoning the growing popularity of short-term rentals – When travel experts researched about the ever-increasing popularity of the short-term rentals, they found that many tourists are attracted to them because of:

  • Private kitchen area and laundry space
  • No disturbance and crowd
  • Keyless entries
  • The convenience of staying in a homely ambience

Your house rental owners are warm, friendly, and hospitable – Many of you assume that short term rentals belong to people who rent them out just for some quick money. You assume they won’t be hospitable or caring. However, most of them like to showcase the flavors of their land — many peiopl9e rent9i out their properties to meet and greet new people. Many owners also take pride in showcasing unique local tours and cuisine and adding a homely touch to your stay.

The pandemic hiked the search for private rentals – Out of the other many factors that raised the value of private accommodations globally, the pandemic was the most prominent. To stay away from the crowd, maintain social distancing, and enjoy superior hygiene and sanitation, tourists and visitors consider these private accommodations.

The increase in the numbers of short-term rentals is more in cities – Although a lot of companies and private owners are renting out their properties in underdeveloped areas, the majority of them are in the urban setups. Like, you will find many short term rentals in Austin like Kasa, a famous source of short-term rentals in many prime locations of the world. They have partnered with big names famous for providing temporary accommodations in well-known areas.

Short-term rentals are also very easily accessible through online and offline searches, and you can rent them without any hassle. What’s more, if you have a spare property at a prime location, you can even earn loads by renting them out via a professional company that can help you out in this task.

Travelers who are comfortable at vacation homes never go back to staying at hotels, and very soon, such private rentals shall topple the popularity of hotels. We bet you didn’t know many of these interesting facts about vacation rentals!