Is Stargate Universe Season 3 Coming Back?


Stargate producer or scriptwriter, Brad Wright kickstarted the new popular Stargate series among people in 1997 based on the movies released earlier in 1994. This sci-fi series has gained a lot of popularity among Americans & the Canadian population.

Now the question arises: Is Stargate Universe Season 3 ever coming back soon? Let’s find out. The whole story revolves around the discovery of an ancient device found during the expedition that opens a portal to another distant planet.

The movie was a great hit in 1994 for the director Roland Emmerich. In 1997, Brad Wright decided to continue Stargate as a television series (Stargate SG-1) starred Daniel Jackson. This series revolves around different fictional characters, new alien races & tries to continue the old storyline to charm the audience. The whole series was full pack of ten seasons with interesting derivations. After the combination of fascinating stories and amazing cast, the show became a huge success.

In 2009, Brad Wright again decided to comeback TV Platform with the series named Stargate Universe to inspire the whole Sci-Fi world once again but suddenly ended the whole show by denying the making of Stargate Universe Season 3.

Stargate Season 1-10: Main Cast

Stargate Season 1 was one of the most popular series among people in 1997. One of the main reasons that interest people is its amazing cast. The original members of SG-1 were Col. Jack O’Neill (Anderson), Dr. Daniel Jackson ( Shanks), Capt. Samantha Carter ( Tapping) and Teal’c ( Judge). Daniel Jackson, Ph. D., is a fictional character working for military science Stargate, and one of the main characters of the series Stargate SG-1.

Whole New Plot For The Stargate Universe Season 2

After successful Stargate Season 1, the producer premiered Stargate Universe with a complete new plot. A rebel organization attacked a secret base & survivors rescued from an attack saved their life by boarding an ancient ship named “Destiny”.

Now the whole Destiny crew set on themselves in search of new worlds & encounters a different alien creature while their way back home. Season 2 questions the leadership qualities of Colonel Young or Dr.

Rush tries to fulfill his scientific experiments by taking risks on the safety of the ship. The season ended while they were uncovering the true mystery behind Destiny’s mission.

How Stargate Universe Season 2 Ended?

As we all know that Stargate Universe season 2 ends in suspense. Fans were left in cliffhanger situation when the whole crew figured out a way to get back to the Milky Way Galaxy. They were about to enter their stasis chambers but unfortunately the crew finds out that Destiny is failing them out.

One of the stasis chambers in Destiny was not working, which means one of them has to awake behind who was Eli Wallace. Eli Wallace was the only person who could repair Destiny all alone. The season ended when all the systems of the ship ( Destiny)  were shutting down & Eli was standing out smiling at the space.

Will There Be Another Stargate Universe Season 3?

After the season 2 finale many questions kept the audience curious. Fans were eagerly expecting Season 3 because we all want to know about the ending or what happens next?

Whether they were able to return to their galaxy or What happens to Eli? For a long time there was no official statement about releasing Season 3. But in 2011 the team officially announced the cancellation of Stargate Universe New Season.

Why Was Stargate Universe Season 3 Cancelled?

In 2011 Stargate Series producers released an open announcement that no series will be made further by them. During the release of Season 1 it had more than 3 million plus viewers all around the globe.

But  after a certain period the viewing audience gets poor in numbers. So the team decided not to launch the third season. But the fans were still expecting new season even after its dismissal. Although they launched a comic book for the show.

One Of The Fan Attempt To Launch Season 3

One of Stargate’s huge fans named Jonathan Annett launched a fundraiser for the third season of the show. They run a campaign & decided to take this campaign to stargate fans. He tried to collect $50 million & planned to get the whole cast along with making of 20 episodes. We appreciate the efforts in raising money.

Alas! The dream of Jonathan Annett is not going to be true as any other fan out there. The whole running campaign ended in 47 days with the deposited amount of $6,000.

Did Eli Survive In Stargate Universe Season 3?

There are many possible outcomes everybody can expect when it comes to conclusion of the Stargate Universe New Season. Writers hadn’t come to any perfect ending like what will be the fate of Eli & how the rest of the crew will survive. But there are different scenarios we can think of:

  • Eli might find some power reserve which helps him to keep the life support of the ship active.
  • Eli might get successful in fixing the whole ship.
  • Eli might able to survive somehow for the three years in the ship after getting enough resources from the life support.
  • Or may be some outside force or an advanced crew finds out Destiny.

There can be different story plots as you can see but fans got excited when the final plot get revealed by Stargate Universe team through a comic book.

Stargate Universe – Back To Destiny Comic Book

After the dismissal of Season 3, a comic book called Stargate Universe – Back To Destiny was launched to quell everyone’s curiosity out there waiting for the Season 3 mystery. As you read you will find out how Eli failed so many times in fixing the ship but in the end, she succeeded.

Later on, she finds more hidden pods in the ship & decides to find them. The story continues in suspense as there was no original cast member connected. But this way everything gets solved & the plot comes to an end in a comic book.

Which Stargate Series Is The Best?

There is no choice honestly. Both the seasons were interesting & must watch for every Sci-Fi lover but SG-1 is always going to be the favorite one among the fans. The characters were strong, hilarious & interesting. Season 1 has a more extended version with 10 seasons with proper execution. It’s worth watching & had a proper definite end.

We quite believe that if you like SG-1, you’ll be drawn into watching STARGATE Universe; They aired together for two seasons & they complement each other nicely.

Stargate Universe season 3

A continuous question is a search by the audience on the Internet whether Stargate universe season 3 will appear soon or not. The show’s makers and producers did not disclose anything about the show. It is not going to appear on air.

Is Stargate coming back?

The fans and the audience have eagerly waited for the third season of Stargate. But unfortunately, in 2010, the show’s franchise confirmed that Stargate would have no more seasons. And the news was a piece of heartbreaking news for people who loved the two series of Stargate.

The question is whether roaming on the Internet for that is coming back or not. If you are looking for the answer to whether is Stargate coming back or not, then the answer is no.

Stargate Universe 3 season

We all know that the season of stargate universe 3 ended in 2011 with an uneven storyline, and it reached towards it dramatic and., and there is very little hope for the audience to see the stargate universe 3 seasons.


Concluding all the facts, the Stargate team clarifies that there will be no Season 3 for the Stargate universe. If you are a Stargate fan, it can be a sad news that there is no official news released related to Stargate Universe Season 3 till now.

Despite so many efforts, you have to live with this unexpected end to the Stargate series. We hope our article might interests you. Keep sharing with your friends & do let me know which Stargate Season you like the most in both the series.


Will there ever be a season 3 of Stargate Universe?

The show ended in 2011 after two seasons. It is almost 13 years; possibly this year, the third season will come in the summer, and the audience can also enjoy it.

Does Stargate Universe have an ending?

The audience watched a dramatic ending of the show in 2011. The show brought a cliffhanger ending, which took the show to another universe.

Why did Stargate Universe fail?

Due to the tedious concept and uneven storylines, the show, unfortunately, ended with the second season.

Will there ever be more Stargate Universe?

During the 25th anniversary and the last summer when Live streaming was going on, Wright said that he “probably never see the light of day.”

Who owns the Stargate franchise now?

The Stargate franchise owners are Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (series) and StudioCanal (movie).