10 Beautiful and Inspiring Songs That Describe Your Life


Music is always a powerful tool to express your feelings. There is always music out there that helps to express your emotions. Music connects people.  When we are happy or sad or in a party mood, we depend on music to make us feel better.

Music can make us cry, laugh, dance, and remember all the beautiful memories we have with a song. There is a piece of music for everything. There is also music that explains one’s life. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Importance of Listening to Songs That Describe Your Life

It is said that listening to music that describes life helps to improve mental well-being and physical health. Here are some of the benefits of listening to songs that describe your life- 

1. Listening to songs that describe your life makes you feel happier 

Many experts say that your brain releases dopamine when you listen to music. So if you are going through something, tune in to some lovely music and see the magic. 

2. Music reduces stress and improves your health.

There is every song that describes what you are going through in life. It is said that listening to music decreases stress hormones and helps to calm down your mind, and has many health benefits. Sing along and dance your heart out, and you will feel good. 

3. Listening to songs reduce depression 

Knowingly or unknowingly we come across a lot of people who are going through something or the other in their lives. There are songs for everything, even for songs that describe your life. So if you are going through something, you will find a song for the same on the internet.

Here in this post, we have mentioned some of the best songs that describe your life. Let us get started.

10 Best Songs That Describe Your Life 

1. Green Light by Lorde

It is difficult to let go of someone. This song makes you feel okay to not let go of someone close to your heart. The fear of moving on can be hard and challenging to move on. Lorde explains the feeling of moving on and hurt in this song. Her music and dance moves help to connect. 

2. Shake It Out By Florence + The Machine

If you are the one who has trouble holding on to issues and bottling them up, but the message of this song helps to let go of everything. This song brings in positivity and gets rid of all the thoughts. Not only this song, all the other Florence and the Machine songs have a meaning and helps to move on in the hardest of times.

3. Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie

When you feel that the world is coming down on you, then this song is the best one to feel good. It is one of those classic songs that you can listen to for hours on repeat. It makes one realize that everyone is struggling, and you should not give up on anyone just because you are struggling. It also means that it’s okay if you are having a bad day. Someone out there is having the worst day. 

4. Weekend by Louis The Child and Icona Pop

This song defines how one feels every weekend. It is a song that you can play, get up and dance, and have fun with. It is a song dedicated to the weekend and dancing around. It is a fun song to listen to.

5. Vienna by Billy Joel

Vienna by Billy Joel is a song that can make you cry every time you listen to it. This song understands what one might feel about themselves after an immediate change. It also explains that life is a slow and steady process that takes time. The main meaning of this song is that you need not get frustrated after a continuous change.

6. Eyes Open by Taylor Swift

Eyes Open by Taylor Swift relates to the people who feel that they have to be on edge and be ready for everything coming on their way. If you feel that you need to be perfect all the time and feel like an adult at a very young age, then this song is for you. 

7. Try by Colbie Caillat

We live in a society that wants girls to look and act in a certain way. But is that what girls want? No, this need to act and look perfect is for friends and boys, which is unnecessary. This song simply motivates you to be who you are and not pretend to be someone else. So after listening to this song, you will feel motivated to do what you want to and look the way you want to look. 

8. Flaws by Bastille

Flaws by Bastille is a song that describes life. This song explains that you do not have to hide your flaws and emotions. It is okay not to be perfect. You need to embrace your flaws. Embracing your flaws make you who you are. 

9. I hate you. I love you by Gnash and Olivia O’Brien

It is difficult to deal with the people who you think are not good for you and at the same time cannot leave them. Since you are attached to them, you always find a way to each other no matter what happens. This song expresses all the feelings of frustration and love and how sometimes the love can be toxic, and you need to learn to move on slowly. 

10. Thy Will- Hillary Scott & Family

Thy Will is another best song that describes life. Many things can break you.  We all feel broken and never know who will listen to us. This song helps you realize that there is always someone who will listen to you. It also gives you confidence that there is a bigger plan for you and you are not alone in this ride of life. 

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